Endless possibilities

I’ve spent a lot of time reading lately.  I’ve been trying to determine who inspires me.  Is there anyone in the media that I look up to and would draw inspiration from? That’s a tough question.

I’m reading Howard Schultz’s book ‘Onward’ – the story of “how Starbucks fought for its life without losing it’s soul”.  Fascinating.  Schultz has no fear. He runs on gut instinct.  That’s inspirational to me. He embodies what a true entrepreneur is, in my eyes.  His company made some terribly bad choices when it came to the customer experience, all in the name of growth and globalization.  The “commoditization” (as he calls it) of the Starbucks experience became more important than the experience itself.  After stepping down as CEO and watching other people run his company, he recognized that it was time to step back in charge – and I’m only on page 25!!!

I’ve also been reading about Heather Reisman, because I find entrepreneurial woman fascinating. Founder of Indigo…. Kobo… Pistachio… she started Indigo because she was passionate about books and music. She takes pride in her company and has strict standards of what they will and will not sell. She has fought for human rights, pulled books from the shelves, and -oh yeah – is a Mother of 4, Grandmother of 7, and wife to Gerry Schwartz….  This woman can do anything.

Would I want to be as successful as these people? Yes. Who wouldn’t want the prestige of being renowned for something that you do?  Would I want to go through the trials and tribulations that it probably took to get to the point they’re at?  No.  Days, weeks, months, even years spent away from my family, my friends…my best friend… my hubby…he would miss me.

Maybe my unexciting life really is exciting enough for me.


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