Royal Wedding Fever

I’m seeing this a lot lately.  It’s in every section of the newspaper, it’s on every channel, even some of my friends have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to Wills & Kate.  I realize that this is the first Wedding of an heir to the British throne that my generation has really gotten to watch, which is probably why there is such a hype about it.

I wasn’t quite 3 when Prince Charles and Princess Diana strolled down the aisle in the fairytale wedding of so many little girls’ dreams. Although I didn’t actually watch the wedding live on television, as I grew up, I was enthralled by all things Monarchy – an itch only scratched by countless Time Magazine books on each individual member of the Windsor household, as well as any special publications on the Royal family… especially Princess Diana.

I’ve always been fascinated by strong women.  Diana was strong – long before she ever became the Princess of Wales. You have to be strong to even consider entering into such an arrangement. With all the comparisons being drawn between Kate Middleton and Diana, I think the most amazing one is their strength. It takes such a strong-of-self person to step up to the limelight like that.  Sure, it’s grand being whisked around town by the future King of England, but your life is no longer your own.  You have no privacy, you are being critiqued for everything you eat, wear, do, say…. and in Kate’s case, at the same time, you’re being compared to his idolized mother – pretty big and stylish shoes to fill.

I’ve realized I’m not as caught up in all of this as I thought I would be… until this morning.  Fred reminded me that the wedding is Friday.

We are moving this Friday.

We will have no satellite from Friday until Saturday morning.  I will not be able to watch the wedding, PVR the wedding or even just check up on it every once in a while.  I started to panic.  My friends can’t watch this all before me!!! I want to witness this first hand!!

Solace comes in the form of a Rogers Rocket stick… and streaming video. Thank you technology… thank you.

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