conversations with a 4 year old…

This is the conversation that Monster and I had on the 10 minute drive in to work this morning.

“Mom, do you wish you were invisible?”

“That would be pretty cool buddy.”

“Yeah, I’d follow people around and they’d never know I was there. I know that would be pretty cool.”

“Mom, do you see those army men?” (we live near and drive by the local base each morning) “I bet they’re going to drive the tank and shoot the cannons”

“You think so buddy?”

“Yep, they’re going to shoot the bad guys on the bridge.”

“You think there’s bad guys on the bridge?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to listen for them… <thoughtful silence> HEY you know, if I was an invisible army man, I would be able to shoot the cannons and noone would know I was there.  Would that be pretty cool mom?”

“Yes buddy <smiling to myself> that would be really cool”

I love what a 4 year old imagination can think up 🙂

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