Wordless Wednesday

A few weeks back, Hubby and I took the little men to Maple Madness at the local conservation area.

The boys had a super time.  If you have a Sugar Bush near you that’s open to the public, I would suggest you go…

Who doesn’t love starting the day with some homemade, absolutely loaded with sugar and food colouring, frog cupcakes?  And I’m not kidding, considering that it was ohhhhh about 8:30am 🙂

We did the looooong walk out to the sugar bush, accompanied by “Are we there yet?”  “How long does it take to get there??” and “We’re riding on the tractor on the way out”…. and then hubby told me to suck it up and keep walking. 🙂
see the picture?? the road was seemingly endless.

We found waterfalls

And ate pancakes

and visited the sugar shack

and then walked back….to the tractor pick-up zone  (I WIN)
for the wonderfully relaxing NON walk back to the car…. with the completely sugar-laden children.

I love my life. 🙂


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