BBM Chronicles

Hubby:    Title of your next blog post: Don’t go to the dollar store on Friday 13th.

Me:   lol tell me about it
“Death by dirty people”

Hubby:   Yes!! omg  haha  Start by telling them how you are teaching me thriftiness. I’m the christian in the lions den…

Me:   Dare I ask why you were at the dollar store?

Hubby:   Bubble sticks.
you said they were cheaper there. (??)

Me:    Ah – yes, but at what mental cost??

Hubby:   Precisely.
AND no bubble sticks

Me:   Shit <i’m totally using this for a blog post>


I totally stole “borrowed” this idea from a fave blog of mine lizsquared – I had to… it makes me laugh laugh laugh!!! 

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