Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

I hate rainy days. Especially on the weekends that I have the kids.
Rainy days mean I have to be creative.


Take this morning for instance.

Hubby and I are sitting at the kitchen table with three very very energetic boys – momentarily mesmerized by Star Wars cartoons.  I was relaxing after a nice run on the treadmill, enjoying my post-workout coffee with french vanilla creamer, when Hubby pops my ‘perfect world’ bubble – I realize that as he looks out the window at the pouring rain, he has a look of terror on his face.

He turns to me and says “ok…game plan for parental survival today?”

I laugh.  And realize… I got nothin.

Sip of coffee… look out the window.


Scratch my head and look around the room (like that’s gonna help)…

Crickets chirping.

“Just wondering…” pipes up Hubby, “because there’s one who’s looking a little antsy already and it’s not even 9am”

I turn to see Monster doing his best Worm dance move on the new chaise lounge.

This is the moment when I realize that I hate the fact that every time it rains, I have to actually think of interesting and attention-holding things to do.  No an easy feat at my house.

And the strange thing is, when I don’t have to think of something awesome, I have ideas-a-plenty. When the pressure’s on…. stumped.  Can’t think of a darn thing.

Good thing I have my fort-building, cool snack-making hubby to help me out.  And even though my basement is now a maze of boxes and bedsheets, the kids are quite content in their cave (no grown-ups allowed…) and I can go watch some DIY clean the house.

Love ya babe!


6 thoughts on “Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

  1. I hate rainy days. The creative juices aren’t always flowing 24/7 over at my house either and I’ve got 3 ansy girls! We make stuff up as we go along. It seems to work!

  2. I was gonna say, “build a fort!” Lol. I’m not sure how old your boys are but maybe they would play board games? Build card houses (me & my brother used to love doing that). Or play the wii as a family. That’s fun. Just some ideas. When I have no ideas I tell my girls to go play in their room with all those toys. What are all those toys for anyway?

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