Sunday Smilemaker

yep - this one made me smile


He’s so damn cute.  He’s full of pith & vinegar, but he’s soooo damn cute.
He negotiates with me. He talks over me. Mom? Why? Why? How come Mom? Why??? whywhywhywhywhy momomomomom????  AARRGGGHHH He argues with me about everything. He’s got a fiery temper, zero patience, is stubborn – pig-headed really – and adamant.  (yes, mom, I realize he got those traits from ME)

He is me.

But he’s damn cute. And when he curls up on my knee and whispers “luv ya mum” and gives me that little fish-lip kiss, all the “me-isms” go away and he’s my snuggly little baby.

momma wuvs you monster  xoxo


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