just let it out

I have a few things to bitch about frustrations today. And since this is my blog and I can say whatever I want, here goes…

1.  I think my damn scale is broken.

It HAS to be. I’ve run for at least 30 minutes every single day for the last 7 days, followed a strict diet, and drank water until I felt my eyeballs were floating.

I’ve lost 1 pound.

Seriously??? 1??  I’ve tried morning weigh-in, evening weigh-in, clothes on, clothes off…. moved the scale alllll around the bathroom. Yyyep – 1 frackin pound.  I haven’t even sneaked a treat… and I am starting to lose motivation.

Something better happen soon, because I find myself bitching at the energetic Chalene Johnson – out loud & emphatically – while doing my Turbofire routine.  Hubby’s getting worried.

2. CoffeeMate fat free French Vanilla  is absolutely NOT the same as International Delights fat free French Vanilla. And I hate hate HATE that my grocery store has changed what they carry.

Is it enough to make me drive further for a different grocery store that carries it?


This is very important, people.

My fat free FV in my coffee is my only treat during the day. It’s my post-workout little party in my mouth.  And it makes me feel like I’m cheating on my diet, which quells the urge to do so later in the day with ohhhh, I don’t know… a box of chocolate chip cookies and a quick trip through DQ.

Plus, without my coffee in the morning, I turn into Medusa.

3.  The frackin rain is killing me.  It’s rained for centuries, it feels like.  I realize that judgement day is Saturday, but couldn’t we have a bit of nice weather before that??? SO in answer to my prayers for just a hint of sun,  it’s like the Almighty is messing with me, because it’s pouring rain as I leave the house and drive to work, then the heavens clear and the sun shines down – as I look, fuming, out my office window.  I’m sure it will be a torrential downpour when it comes time to go for lunch.

4. I have the most confusing child in the world.  Instead of naming my youngest Monster, I should have named him Non Sequitur. Our drive to school this morning consisted of no more than 2 lines dedicated to each subject.

“Mom, my ears (hearing aids) won’t get wet with my new hat on”

“Nope they won’t buddy”

“Do you see that crane??”

“Yep, they’re building an apartment building”

“I bet I’m gonna have pizza for lunch today”

“uhhh. ok?”

This is an actual transcript of just a part of our drive today… WTF?

5.  last but not least… I’m new to this… I need some support… and I’m really hoping that someone will take me under their proverbial wing and help me along. I’m not sure how to find that sort of mentorship… any ideas would be lovely.

Writing, along with Hubby and the kiddos, helps me fight the shadows that sometimes pop up.

I’m glad I have a place to let it out.  Bear with me.


7 thoughts on “just let it out

  1. Oh the things that make our lives difficult. Why would a store stop selling creamer? That makes no sense. We had rain here the last 2 days and it’s driving me crazy.

    And I think the last one was referring to you are new to blogging. If so, there are many people who can answer questions for you. I am one of them if you ever need anything. Just ask. Unless it’s money, I probably won’t share that. 😉

  2. Hi Lindsay! Don’t stress out about the weight. Your body might just be adjusting to what you’re doing. Don’t give up!!!

    As for blogging…the more comments on blogs you leave, the more you get. It takes a LOT of time – we’re talking in hours per day AND weeks and months and more – to get a solid following. But it’s so worth it. Hang in there!!

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