you’re invading my facebook personal space

Do you have one of those Facebook friends?

The one that posts crap you don’t want or need to know about their life in their status update? For some people, it’s the update every 2 hours as to location, plans for the next hour and ohhh for fun… maybe… what they ate for lunch.

I don’t care.

THEN, there’s the folks that have seriously intimate stuff that you don’t want to know.  Or things that you blush reading, thinking to yourself, jeepers, I wouldn’t want people to know these things about ME….

Get your mind out of the gutter, I wasn’t talking about sexual stuff.  Well not ONLY about sexual stuff…

wait. what?

No – I mean the ‘friend’ that posts not only that their kid filled their pants,  but what it looks like.

OR the fact that they’re out buying hemorrhoid cream.

OR that their corns are being removed today.

That’s not a status update.  That’s an invasion of my Facebook privacy. And you have been unfriended for it.

I recently went through my Facebook friend list and culled it.  I figure if I haven’t spoken to you or heard from you in 6 months, there’s no reason for you to be on there.

I went from 178 friends to 155.  Then had someone post this status : “Jane Smith (obviously not her real name) is thinking the world would be a better place if semen tasted like chocolate.”

And even if – IF – I agreed with her, I would still never say it out loud.


Maybe I have issues.  In fact, I’m sure I do…

Also, I’m a people pleaser. I hate saying “no”, so I automatically add everyone who sends a friend request, we have our required “how are you, haven’t seen you in forever” conversation, then usually a month later I go back in and ‘unfriend’ them because I’m never going to see them again.  Is this heartless of me?

Maybe I need a lesson in social media etiquette.

Do you ‘unfriend’ the space invaders and the long lost people?


7 thoughts on “you’re invading my facebook personal space

  1. Oh dude.
    I hate fb. I’m hardly on it anymore. It’s very invasive. I also find ppl are very immature on it. I comb through it monthly and ignore all new friend requests.
    I’ve thought of deleting it all together but not ready yet.
    It’s on its way out I think.
    Its risky.

  2. lol. Are you serious about that status update? Can that be real?! I have refused to go anywhere near Facebook for just the reasons you outline here. Though some of them I admit I could not have imagined on my own! What is wrong with our culture that people find these things appropriate topics of conversation?
    You made me laugh today!

    • well I’m not normally a very funny person, so that makes me very happy!!
      I’m about *this* close to deleting it… the only thing is that my family is all over the place and that’s how I stay in touch with many of them….

  3. LOL! I totally agree. Some things are better left unsaid! I try to be nice enough not to delete people but I have blocked them on my homepage so I can’t see their posts.

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