mommy terms and a good book

I love to read.

I very rarely allow myself the time to read.

Why is it that I make sure that my kids read for at least 20 minutes a night, but I will not grant myself the freedom to have 20 minutes to myself and read a book?

Maybe the hours I spend on the computer at night takes its place… I don’t know.

Anyways, I finally decided that I was going to get a book. I was going to BUY a book and READ it, dammit.  I love to read Kristin van Ogtrop’s blog Adventures in Chaos. As I was roaming through Shoppers Drug Mart this morning, trying desperately to find cold packs for my throbbing knee, I happened upon her book “Just Let Me Lie Down – necessary terms for the half-insane working mom”.

And I bought it.

I can’t believe the truths this woman spouts.


She’s hilarious.

You need to read it.

The book breaks down ‘mommy terms’ alphabetically and describes them.  Phrases such as “Benign Neglect”, “Caller ID Malfunction”, and “Just a Second” take on a whole new light when described by a woman with 3 boys.

I found myself laughing hysterically at the pros of having a baby when you are in a well established career….

Just read it.  Trust me. 🙂

And have a fantastic weekend.


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