I’m nervous.

That’s an understatement.

My hands are sweating as they anxiously wring the afternoon’s program into a thin twist of paper, the ink rubbing off on my fingers.

Mental note:  grab another program after the ceremony for your memory book

My mother reaches over and covers my hands with hers.  As I look to her for some strength, some emotional support, she gives me a smile and says “relax…it will be fine.”

Mental note: bring mom with you wherever you go

I look around me, scanning the room for others who are as nervous as I am.

Why does everyone else seem so calm?

Why am I the only one who seems to be having a panic attack?

Why the hell is it so hot in here?!?!?

“Everyone please take your seats”

Oh no… it’s happening… it’s really happening…

The music swells, the curtains open…

And my little man, my Peanut, not nervous at all, crosses the stage with a beaming smile and proudly accepts his Kindergarten diploma.

my big boy graduates *sniff* - June 2010


This post is brought to you by RemebeRED : a memoir meme.

It’s that time of year…graduation.

For this week’s prompt we are asking you to remember a graduation.  It doesn’t have to be yours and it doesn’t have to be high school.


12 thoughts on “nerves

  1. Yes, sniff, indeed! Love this post! The nerves, the drama, the love. All shine right through.

    Also? You totally had me on edge which is *exactly* what motherhood does to us, isn’t it?!

    Congrats to your little Peanut! 🙂

  2. I love that your mom was there. It adds a wonderful dimension having the woman who sat in your seat with those same feelings when you were the little peanut!
    Love the picture too!

    • she spent most of the time laughing at me… but yes, it was wonderful…
      the best part? My grandmother was there too!
      So there were 4 generations at Peanut’s graduation. 🙂
      Not too many kids have their Great-Grandmother at their grad… not matter which grade.

  3. What a great post! I did not expect it to be a Kindergarten graduation at all, but defintely a reason for sweaty palms and nervous butterflies!

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