Throat Punch FRIDAY @multitaskmumma

ok, so I’m a day late.
My buddy Leighann always has awesome ideas.

I like to steal borrow them.

Somedays (much like today) I’m creatively inept (read: lazy)

Yesterday, Leighann opened up about her love of the wonderful MTO and the chaotic mess that is the Hwy 401.

Today, yes, a day late, I would like to indulge you in yet another major conglomerate that needs a throat punch. AND a kick in the coins.

That’s right – I’m talking about YOU – BIG RED R.

The money-grubbing, customer-service lacking, smile-in-your-face-while-they-ram-it-to-you-cell phone company that I’m currently locked into a stupid contract with. (and no, I’m not using their real name, for fear that they’d squash me)

Let’s just say they have phone, internet, digital cable and LOVE Blue Jays šŸ˜‰

I realize I’m only one person, but I’m a person that gives them over $100 every single month, between the blackberry phone, data plan and the internet stick that I currently have for the laptop.

So when I call – for the third time in 6 months – saying that my $500 phone is overheating – and I mean overheating, that I’ve upgraded my software 3 times already and that a fully charged battery lasts no longer than 4 hours, I want some actual help – not some snotty nosed, holier-than-thou, 15 year old pimple-faced little know-it-all that tells ME I obviously just need to update my software on my phone again.


How about when I mention that the phone is still under warranty, just replace the frackin thing, rather than have me go to the local store, get a loaner, load my information and contacts onto it while you ship my piece of $&!* out to have the hardware fixed.

Wait – you will just mail me a replacement??!! Perfect!
What’s that? It’s going to cost me $35 administration fee? Well… less headache than transferring my info over, I suppose. Mmmmkay.


Lemme get this straight… when you get my old phone in, you’re going to have one of your other pimply-faced teenage “tech support workers” inspect the old phone for physical damage and water damage…if that person deems that I did something wrong, you’re going to charge me the full value of the replacement?

And I’m supposed to just trust that you’re honest?


How about a jab, cross, hook, cross, right elbow to the throat… followed up by a kick in the junk…just for good measure.

Bite me.


Those of you who know me, know I want an iPhone in the worst way… when I asked about just upgrading…it was going to be $450!!!!!!! Guess I have to wait for my iPhone…. boo.

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