Throat Punch FRIDAY @multitaskmumma

ok, so I’m a day late.
My buddy Leighann always has awesome ideas.

I like to steal borrow them.

Somedays (much like today) I’m creatively inept (read: lazy)

Yesterday, Leighann opened up about her love of the wonderful MTO and the chaotic mess that is the Hwy 401.

Today, yes, a day late, I would like to indulge you in yet another major conglomerate that needs a throat punch. AND a kick in the coins.

That’s right – I’m talking about YOU – BIG RED R.

The money-grubbing, customer-service lacking, smile-in-your-face-while-they-ram-it-to-you-cell phone company that I’m currently locked into a stupid contract with. (and no, I’m not using their real name, for fear that they’d squash me)

Let’s just say they have phone, internet, digital cable and LOVE Blue Jays 😉

I realize I’m only one person, but I’m a person that gives them over $100 every single month, between the blackberry phone, data plan and the internet stick that I currently have for the laptop.

So when I call – for the third time in 6 months – saying that my $500 phone is overheating – and I mean overheating, that I’ve upgraded my software 3 times already and that a fully charged battery lasts no longer than 4 hours, I want some actual help – not some snotty nosed, holier-than-thou, 15 year old pimple-faced little know-it-all that tells ME I obviously just need to update my software on my phone again.


How about when I mention that the phone is still under warranty, just replace the frackin thing, rather than have me go to the local store, get a loaner, load my information and contacts onto it while you ship my piece of $&!* out to have the hardware fixed.

Wait – you will just mail me a replacement??!! Perfect!
What’s that? It’s going to cost me $35 administration fee? Well… less headache than transferring my info over, I suppose. Mmmmkay.


Lemme get this straight… when you get my old phone in, you’re going to have one of your other pimply-faced teenage “tech support workers” inspect the old phone for physical damage and water damage…if that person deems that I did something wrong, you’re going to charge me the full value of the replacement?

And I’m supposed to just trust that you’re honest?


How about a jab, cross, hook, cross, right elbow to the throat… followed up by a kick in the junk…just for good measure.

Bite me.


Those of you who know me, know I want an iPhone in the worst way… when I asked about just upgrading…it was going to be $450!!!!!!! Guess I have to wait for my iPhone…. boo.


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