Last Saturday, I confessed to enjoying my kid-free weekends. (although feeling bad about it)

This Saturday, I’d like to show you why…

Hubby and I went camping….

the road less travelled

We stepped out of our technological reality for a weekend and went back to nature.

We made a pact – no computers, no texting, no emails… and the only phone calls allowed were to the boys.

We needed some time away. I’ve been stressed about work, trying to do too many things, and have taken it out on Hubby.  God bless him, he knows me and knows that a few days in a quiet setting with my camera will reset my mind and make me sane again.

Artisan cheeses

Saturday morning was raining and dreary, so we took the opportunity to tour around and visit some local cheese producers.

Hubby’s not a fan of chevre, but we soon discovered that he sure likes sheep cheese!

a beautiful view

The weather cleared up by lunchtime, as we ate lunch at the local golf club, in a dining room overlooking a  beautiful course set by a serene lake.

We had the most amazing view from our campsite.

And we took advantage of it. We sat out around a campfire in the evenings, and enjoyed a quiet cup of  coffee with french vanilla in the mornings.

footprints in the sand

We walked the beach every day.

Quietly searching it for the peace we so desperately needed.

Strolling hand in hand, completely silent, reaffirming our unbreakable bond to each other in ways that only we understand.

beauty and the beach

For 3 days, we roamed the beach, the dunes, the trails.  We drove and got lost on purpose.  We laughed, we cried, we ate.  I felt like I was in an Elizabeth Gilbert movie.

And slowly but surely, I was able to release some of the tension that I’ve been carrying around with me for weeks now.  This wonderful man who knows me so well knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

Which is exactly why I love him so very much.

the man I love


5 thoughts on “confessions…

  1. That picture of the both of you? Gorgeous. The last two years we’ve camped with Chunky. But you just made me super excited about our trip this year!!!

  2. The end picture is so great! And the weekend looks like one that would surely restore the soul. Just reading this…
    We walked the beach every day.

    Quietly searching it for the peace we so desperately needed.

    made me breathe slower and more deeply.

    By the way, no need to feel guilty about the “confessions” post. I thought it showed strength in turning what some would still be fighting and feeling bitter about into a respite that makes you a better mom when they are with you.

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