appreciation – Wordful Wednesday

I went with the boys on their school trip.

That’s right – their school is small enough that they can ALL go on a trip on the same day, at the same time – and only need 2 school buses.

But more on that in another post.

This school trip saw us loading onto a school bus and driving an hour and a half to Upper Canada Village. Also known, to some, as Frontier Village.

This beautiful little village is seemingly untouched by the hands of time. Weathered houses, cedar shingled barns and dirt roads at every turn. The staff is dressed in period clothing… and considering that it was 28 degrees celsius (83 F for you Americans), with no hint of a breeze, I wasn’t envious of their jobs.

I was worried they’d be bored. Old houses, with old tools and old ways of doing things can be pretty interesting to adults, but not always to children. Yes, there are farm animals and horse & wagon rides, but we lived in the country until May of this year, and they’ve seen plenty of farm animals….

What I wasn’t ready for was the fact that they seemed to really draw comparisons to what this village was like, versus the city where we live today.

I was impressed that when Monster asked why the woman didn’t just use a sewing machine to make the dress (she was stitching the fabric by hand), Peanut said “because there’s no electricity, silly. That’s why there’s no fans, and it’s HOT in here”. When I reminded them that they were very lucky to have fans, let alone Central Air in our house, they agreed heartily that they would not want to live in a house that hot.

I realize that it’s hard to teach children not to take things for granted when it’s all they know, but I have to say, the fact that my children seemed to grasp it in this tiny village was amazing to me.

All day, I heard comments like:
“Wow – we’re lucky that we can have a fridge”
How many people had to share that bedroom?”
“I think it would be super dangerous having a fireplace in your bedroom, wouldn’t it Mom?!?”
“That would be funny if Mrs McL was teaching the WHOLE school wouldn’t it Mom?!?”

I’m really proud of them for coming home with an appreciation for what life used to be like… and they’re already asking when they can go back!


5 thoughts on “appreciation – Wordful Wednesday

  1. You are ahead of your time. Did you see school trips are the next RemembeRED prompt? And mine is about “Pioneer Village” …sort of. The teacher is going to think I copied off your paper! 🙂

    When life gets you down pull out that photo of the lady in the lavender dress and cream colored bonnet and know whatever you’ve got going on it could be worse!

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