Our world is small.  Just a hospital bed-sized little corner of the world that is ours. Soft, deep blue eyes meet mine, clouded with tears. You’re finally here…

Blink.  Blink.  Yes, you’re still here…

Perfect pink lips part, a wide yawn escapes. I can’t blame you, after 28 hours of fighting to come into this world, you have every right to be tired. I can’t help but smile as you squeak.  It sounds like you’re saying “Hi”.

I’m tired.

But I can’t sleep.

Tiny fingers extend. I count them. 1-2-3-4-5. Perfect. Your little hand wraps around my baby finger. My heart swells until I feel it may burst with love.

Lying on my side, knees bent, my body cocooning you, maternal instincts keeping you close, keeping you safe.

I close my eyes and breathe in the smell of new birth.  Such a foreign smell.  Not what I was expecting. Not baby powder and vanilla, as some would lead you to believe.

The sun finds us exactly as the moon left us, not having moved an inch.

The noisy morning of the hospital can’t find us here. We are alone in the world. Mother and Child. Skin to skin.

Your tiny body squirms into wakefulness. You quietly open your eyes, blue as the deepest ocean, scanning…until you meet mine. Our gazes lock.

You are mine.

I created this life.

And life will never be the same.

My Peanut at 5 minutes old


This post is brought to you by The Red Dress Club. The challenge was to write a piece using the word Life as inspiration AND to keep it under 300 words….

19 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. Oh, my. This brought it all back. That stillness. That holy moment of new life and bonding.

    Simply gorgeous. I loved the line of the sun and moon seeing the same image of love.

  2. I am crying this is fantastic. What a moment you both had. I wish that I was able to bond with my son like that. You are very lucky for that moment. Beautifully written. You took my breathe away.

  3. I read this and the comments and it’s so true. My husband and I just made the decision to not have more children but this makes my heart ache for that moment that you described so well.

  4. What a beautiful post. You’ve truly embraced the prompt:LIFE. I love that this is a flash writing (short) for such a big idea (Life) – your writing brings that duality to light. Your child’s life, and size, is still so small in comparison to all the potential it holds. fantastic job.

  5. *Sigh* There’s nothing like realizing the HUGENESS of a new baby in that small tight space of the hospital.

    What a beautifully described moment. I love this line: “blue as the deepest ocean”- it reads like poetry.

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