Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday | Mama Bear

Is it the ultimate in sloth?

Is it lazy parenting?


It’s better than watching TV.


The Splash Pad!!!

And we visit it every hot night we can, because I refuse to sit in Air Conditioning ALL night long with 3 energetic children.

My confession is…

I tend to judge people based on their looks at the splash pad.  My Mama bear instincts kick in and I scan the surrounding adults.

Who is that man?

He looks like a bum.

Where are his children?

The next 5-10 minutes are spent with my eyes darting from my children to this strange man, perched on a picnic table, having a cigarette, watching children play on the splash pad in the public park…. waiting for the moment that someone, anyone, shouts “Daddy!” and runs over to him… thereby giving him a reason to be sitting there.

It doesn’t come.

So, I gather the 3 little cubs up and despite the multitude of protests, pleas and negotiations, shuffle them towards the car… shooting Mr. Creepy a “you stay away from my children” look over my shoulder as I go.

Because it’s easier to remove the kiddos from the situation than nervously ask a man, who has every right to be sitting in the public park, what the hell he’s doing here. Good way to get yourself shanked.

Maybe I’m overreacting… maybe some of the completely unruly and obnoxious children that were there that night were his, but Mama Bear was ready to growl, and no one… repeat NO ONE wants to see that.

Am I wrong to judge people like this??   Or do I just stick to the trusty old adage “Better safe than sorry” ?



3 thoughts on “Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday | Mama Bear

  1. I think nowadays it is hard to not judge and to be hypervigilant when our children are concerned. I think I would have been worried too.
    Ps. I used the term sloth in an upcoming post 😉

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