inspiration street

Hubby, the boys and I moved at the end of April.

We searched for many months for the ‘perfect’ house. We weighed the pros and cons of different areas and decided on a particular side of town that appealed to us for many reasons, then started narrowing down the search. The first house we went through was a “dream” house. It was the one you go through to get your decorating ideas, fantasize about owning someday and then leave.

Well, after looking through probably a dozen more houses, we decided that we still loved the “dream” house.

So we bought it.

And I love it.

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac full of beautiful 2-story brick homes in earthy colours. Almost every home has children the same age as ours and while many of them are military, few of them have plans of moving any time soon. Our yard has mature trees for lovely shade, now that it’s finally hot out. There are at least 4 parks in the immediate area that we could ride our bikes to, plus a path that encircles the entire community for a leisurely 5 km walk/jog/bike.

It’s perfection.

So what’s the problem?

I think I’m the only person on the street that isn’t in tip-top shape. Everywhere I turn, I see Lulu Lemon, Nike gear, Adidas… the neighbours are constantly heading out for a run, a bike ride, to MMA class, loading their kayaks on their cars, yadda yadda yadda.


I feel like I’m the Froot Loop that got dropped by accident in the middle of the Granola with whole milk.

It’s not that I don’t work out… but I don’t seem to work out as much as these wonderful folks… Plus with my bum leg recently, I’ve been even more lethargic than usual. I’m the ‘big’ girl on the block, and I’m really not that big anymore LOL.

courtesy of google

Anyways, I’m using this as inspiration to get back at it. Starting this weekend… we’re having a little eco-adventure, just Hubby and I. Taking the bikes north for a ride, boot camp in the park with the Thai Pads, a nice hike… and finish it off with some Golf on Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, that counts as exercise. We walk and carry on a VERY hilly course.

Good luck to me.

Watch out Lulu bitches**…


** I mean this in the nicest possible way… all the ladies on my street (that I’ve met so far) are very very nice


6 thoughts on “inspiration street

  1. That’s hysterical, but I totally feel the same way, down to the Lululemon gear and fit mamas! Hopefully I’ll just get pregnant again so being fat will be acceptable in the mommy circle, (that or I’ll have to start really exercising!)

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah, I have decided to give up on the lululemon look. But nevertheless, I wish I had the inspiration of fit neighbors. I probably could use that extra nudge. Most of my neighbors are old and retired and definitely not wearing lululemon or adidas. Stopping by from TRDC, and glad I did for the reminder that it’s never too late to get fit again!

  3. My children attend a public school with an “arts-infused” curriculum. Most of the parents waited until they were a bit older to have children and are usually quite well-off. They seem to have it all together and are always in better shape than me, despite being 10-15 years older than me! Oh well, I guess it’s impossible to keep up with the Jones’ and I’d rather create my own path, than follow the cookie-cutters. Plus, I am just too tired with 4 wee ones and plain ol’ lazy to exercise in a formal way.

  4. What does this tell you…I had to google Lulu Lemon to make sure I knew what you were talking about! lol! Yeah, I’ve seen that look….didn’t know it had a name let alone that I should be impressed by it!
    Fruit Loop and whole milk hanging with the granola!?! Great line.
    You get out and get active. I am planning to do the same. I noticed recently that I have really lost flexibility and I need to do something to regain it. We will have to check up on each other to keep ourselves honest (at least on my end!).

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