she sells sea shells | Wordless Wednesday

Hubby, the boys and I spent Saturday at the beach.
I spent the day with my face up to the sun, feet buried in the hot sand. Gentle tranquillity soaking into my skin like suntan lotion.
Hubby spent most of the time in the cool water, swinging the boys around in the waves and engaging them in water gun battles.
Watching the way he interacts with the boys makes me fall in love with him over and over again.
The day ended with a ‘hike’ through the dunes, and some crustacean discoveries….

Peanut's big find...beach shells

5 thoughts on “she sells sea shells | Wordless Wednesday

  1. How lovely! We have made it to the lake this year so far. There is no beach but it was still pretty fun to watch Chunky play in the water. I can’t wait for our vacation up North. Tons of beach up there!

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