thoughts on a Saturday | Things I like love about me

Today, I’m doing something different. Something much more difficult than you would expect.
I’m linking up with in an attempt to learn a bit about myself. This brilliant meme is having us put pen to paper about a topic we rarely talk about: what’s awesome about ME!

Starting with:

1) My hair – even though it seems to constantly fall out and pool in the corner of our ensuite, thereby driving Hubby nuts,  it’s thick and shiny. While the silver sparkle is starting to show through, I’ve earned every single one. It’s been cut, curled, permed, dyed, straightened and continually grows back just as thick as before.

2) My survival skills. When my first marriage ended, I had nothing. I proved that I don’t need anyone to support me. I can look after myself and my boys just fine. This is not to say that I don’t absolutely adore the fact that Hubby loves to look after us… I’m just proud I made it through the years that I was alone – on my own!

3) My ability to think outside the box. I’m a problem solver. I like having all the answers before I present anything.

4) My athletic nature. I love trying new sports out. This has brought Hubby and I closer, as I discover that I’m a pretty darn good golfer… thanks to him.

5) My sense of humour and my laugh. Although many people don’t find me funny personally, I can find humour in almost anything… and I tend to “get” jokes when a lot of people don’t. I love to laugh. Especially at myself. I don’t believe in snickering. If it’s funny, throw your head back and howl. When I find something really funny, I cry. A lot. Like… have-to-rewind-the-movie-because-I-couldn’t-see-the-screen type of cry. And I snort… just like my Grandmother, which is why I love it.

6) My drive. When I set a goal, I will achieve it one way or another. Tell me I can’t and that’s a dare.

7) My loyalty. My friends and family are precious gifts in my eyes. I would give almost anything to a friend in need. I follow 2 quotes religiously. My Grandfather’s saying “If you gave a man $20 and never saw him again, it was probably worth it” and “Treat others as you would have them treat you”

8 ) My maturity (usually). Yes, it disappears from time to time… but generally, I refuse to sink to other people’s levels by engaging in childish behaviour or openly badmouthing. I’m a strong believer in Karma, and she’s never let me down so far.

9) I love the fact that I can relate to a lot of people because of what I have experienced in my life… all before 33. Divorce, love, loss, single parenting, career advancement, debt elimination, LOVE, step-parenting, blended families… I could go on and on.

10) Most of all, I love the fact that I am a mother to 2 little boys that are more like me than I have ever really realized. I love the fact that my ‘natural’ children have welcomed, with open arms, a step-father and step-brother, like they’ve always been a part of our family.


7 thoughts on “thoughts on a Saturday | Things I like love about me

  1. Terrific and wonderful things in this list. I gotta say though that I can’t believe people don’t necessarily find you funny. You always have some phrase or some twist to a post that makes me laugh out loud. Some quirky detail that you pick up that someone else might miss or gloss over.

    for example…..we went to MO last week. Saw some of those people silhouettes you told about in your cabin post. I thought of you and knew I just had to tell you! Now in addition to the old lady bending over in the garden there is a little boy who it appears must be urinating (in this case on the people’s garage). How disgusting is that?! But there is was at someone’s home…..go figure!

  2. Love this! I’ve seen this on a few blogs and what a great way to FORCE ourselves to love ourselves (because, really, sometimes we do have to force it). And it makes me like you more and more!

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