blogger guilt….

I’m a bad blogger.

I want to write every day. I have so many words inside me that I feel like I’m about to burst.

But finding time to sit down and actually get the words out has proved difficult as of late.

It’s my own fault too. I’ve been overdoing everything else in my life, which means I’m exhausted when the time actually presents itself.

Does that make me a bad blogger? Or just lazy?

Well, I’ve been golfing, taxi-ing children to baseballs games, swimming, Grandma/Grandpa’s house, trying to keep up with my MMA, moving into a new position at work, plus I was on holidays last week, which you would think would mean more “free” time.

Absolutely not.

It means more time to schedule Dr checkups, Monster’s 5th birthday (two parties, of course *sigh*), and on and on and on…..

To end the week, I worked on Saturday, taking pictures at a high school friend’s wedding… and ended up with sunstroke…

Oi… I’ve been busy. But I’d really like to keep up with writing. I hope my bloggy friends aren’t mad at me.

Maybe some pretty pictures would help ease the anger?


7 thoughts on “blogger guilt….

  1. Those are pretty pictures. Everyone needs a break sometimes! That doesn’t make you a bad OR lazy blogger! Summer is crazy here too! I need it to slow down a little. 🙂

  2. I sometimes feel this guilt but I learned a trick.
    I write my posts when I have time. I write a lot a notes and reminders and then I put them all in my blog at once. I schedule them for the week and I’m done.

    Also? Great pics!

  3. Great photos! Really love the one by the lake.
    Sunstroke?! Oh, my gosh. Are you alright now?
    I have been blogging like crazy precisely because it is too stinking hot to be outside!
    Hope you are feeling well. Glad to have you back. I missed you!

    • I am feeling better now, thanks… but spent the rest of the weekend sick and either in bed, or longing for my bed…
      Glad you like the photos…
      I’ve missed you too! (but have still been reading… just a lazy commenter of late) Sorry!!

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