exhaustion, foodies and some rambling

My therapist says I look tired.

Should this worry me?

Yeah, I thought so.

I haven’t slept very well in a few weeks. The funny thing about summer is that I try and cram 156,999 things into each and every day in order to truly enjoy my ‘holidays’.  This whole “work” thing seriously gets in the way of life. Work, kids, sports, work, work, sports, kids, vacation, work…..

It’s wearing me out.

I need to sleep…. and so… I’m in bed at 6:30 tonight editing pictures, hoping that it will help me sleep.

It’s making me hungry.

It’s reminding me that I’m a details person.


I’m thinking I should become a food photographer. Only problem is that I would probably want to eat everything that I photograph… which could be a problem.

more yums

Coming up? My favourite Thai Chicken recipe… complete with foodie pictures.

I think I’ve found my true calling.

Food.  Photography.

OMG I’m so tired I’m rambling.

But that’s ok, because it’s my blog and I can say what I want on it… right?

*yawn*  Off to bed with me.

xo ~ Linds


6 thoughts on “exhaustion, foodies and some rambling

  1. You ever been on a food shoot? There’s no way you want to eat any of it after it’s been touched by 800 hands, re-touched with “food makeup” and finally placed under hot lights for its close up 😉
    Amazing pics, Linds; I definitely think you’ve found your calling!!
    Dort Bien! xox

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