Wordless Wednesday | the bike

"Look Mom! No training wheels!"

I’m struggling lately with clearing my head for long enough to actually write and post something. I have so many huge things happening in my life right now – not all for the good…

But I’ll be writing it all down… it’s my own personal therapy.

In the meantime, we had a HUGE milestone this weekend.

Monster, adamant he wasn’t going to ride a bike with no training wheels, finally gave in to my begging and tried it. I had my hand on his back for maybe 100 feet before he sped off and never looked back.

I’m so proud of my Monster.

I’m so scared that they’re growing up so fast…


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday | the bike

  1. Oh, this IS a biggie. For one thing it is a huge physical accomplishment. Plus, it gives them more mobility than ever before and allows them to venture from us (sometimes more than we want!).
    On the upside….I am betting your smile was so huge he didn’t even see any tears in your eyes!

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