more baby… sorry… I had to

I’d love to have a whole string of pregnant people to let me take newborn pictures for them. I love it. It’s a newly found love too, which makes it exciting.

c3images 2011

I’ve spent the last week thinking about all the cute little props I could use… hats, blankets, baskets, the list is endless. Seriously.

c3images 2011

The sheer “newness” of this age is awe-inspiring. Everything about them is fresh, new, untouched. Their eyes look without judgement. Their smile is always genuine. They are beautiful in the most basic sense.

c3images 2011

7 thoughts on “more baby… sorry… I had to

  1. Great shots. I especially love the feet!
    I didn’t have my kids photos done as newborns because there was nothing like this being done at the time. All babies were stuffed into some carrier seat and shot from an angle that made their feet look like clown shoes and gave them pinheads!
    Looking at these just makes me sigh and long for the day…

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