sleep and you | some light reading

I’ve told you about my difficulties in finding sleep.

They haven’t gotten any better, unfortunately. I lie awake at night thinking about everything that I forgot or didn’t get around to doing over the course of the day, what needs to be done tomorrow and then I start prioritizing these things in my head.

Not exactly conducive to sleep.

I miss my pre-children, pre-divorce, pre pre pre sleeping patterns. You know… the ones where you could sleep until 11am? Everyone in the house could be up, mom could vacuum in my room and I wouldn’t wake up.

Hubby’s been reading a couple of books on healthy eating and overall improvement of your physiology and has been fascinated by what he is discovering. Every so often, he will read an excerpt (or chapter) to me. I was particularly interested in what he was telling me about sleep deprivation and its effects.

Were you aware that the constantly sleep deprived have the same physiological make-up of a person with type 2 diabetes?. 50 points if you knew that, because I sure didn’t.
You can actually make yourself insulin resistant through lack of sleep. I’m not sure in what sort of situations that happens, but it’s enough to make me reconsider my sleeping patterns and do what I can to try and get some extra shut-eye at night.

I also suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and with yet another Canadian winter knocking on my door, I am researching something….anything that will help me stay positive, and healthy mentally. Can’t have me any crazier than I already am….


Hubby and I have researched a bit, and are considering light therapy. Not only can it help fight off the winter blues, but can also help me sleep better, by helping get my cortisol levels back into a corrected pattern. It’s all very scholarly and such…

Point is?

I need sleep.

And if sitting in front of a bright light for half an hour a day will make me sleep better and be happier… I’m willing to try it.

My next experiment?
Getting hubby to take me south for a week and let me soak up natural sunshine – might as well do some comparison analysis while we’re at it right? 😉


4 thoughts on “sleep and you | some light reading

  1. Just remember Kansas is south!

    Have you taken Melatonin? A natural substance that helps regulate the sleep cycle? You can get it in a health food store. Might work well in conjunction with the light therapy.

    • Hey, hope finals are over and light therapy is making you feel merry and bright! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful, light filled 2012.

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