Two Christmases

I love seeing other people’s traditions… since I started blogging, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many fun, interesting and inspirational people.  One of the people I clicked with the most is my bloggy friend, May (Achieving Clarity). I had a fun idea for Christmas post and threw it out to her… as we are many miles away from each other… this was fun !!

Thanks May!

10:00am : the last minute clean-up begins… overseen by my 4 beautiful Santas. My Aunt J <i>made</i> and gave these to me many Christmases ago and they fit perfectly into the kitchen at the new house.

11:00am : anxiously awaiting the arrival of the boys… hubby was picking up Speedy… my guys were being dropped off to my parents at 12, which means they won’t be here until closer to 1pm.

12:00pm : basting the bird… my first actual attempt at cooking a Turkey for others to ingest… many prayers were said that all would be ok 🙂

1:00pm : all of my boys have finally arrived!! Presents are plentiful between Santa, parents, grandparents (x2) and Aunts/Uncles and cousins. 🙂

2:00pm : Grampa checks out the photobook that I made for he and Gramma (my Mom & Dad). A year full of memories captured on 20 pages.

3:00pm : Monster and Gramma set the table to prepare for the yummy meal to come!

4:00pm : the boys check out their loot… enough Lego to keep them busy for weeks… or so you would think.

5:00pm : Hubby and I have a little dance in the kitchen while my Mother attempts to figure out my camera… “Is it set? Can I take a picture with it? Which button do I push?” 🙂  love you Mom. 🙂

6:00pm : time to eat!  Gramma carves the turkey…

7:00pm – by 7 the mess is cleaned up and everyone is relaxing in the living room… which makes it….

….dessert time 🙂

8:00pm : Hubby eats the last of the “Merry Christmas” sugar cookies that I made. They were soooo yummy.

9:00pm – everyone is gone home… boys snug in their beds… life is good. The snowman with the salt & pepper snowballs watches over the house as Hubby and I have a snuggle on the couch.

10:00pm : Lights out… my beautiful tree still shines brightly. Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 Here’s hoping yours was as fantastic as mine 🙂

Don’t forget to visit May to see how her Kansas Christmas went .

xo Linds

6 thoughts on “Two Christmases

  1. Great shots! So funny to think of myself as the one “south of the border”, but I have got to say Christmas looks pretty much the same from either vantage point.
    I can just sense the anticipation in the shot of the door waiting for the boys to get there so Christmas can really begin.
    Love that Monster has his Santa hat on the whole time! And miss Lego Christmases of my own!
    Looks like you may have just signed on for turkey duty well into the future! yum
    The photo book looks like a terrific gift. Is that the shot with the deer that runs in your header sometimes?
    Love the dance shot. The best of times. And it looks as though Movember was such a success that he is keeping the look, huh? Nice.
    Such fun! I am so glad you thought of this. We could do New Year’s too except I will probably not be awake to capture it!
    Hope 2012 is very, very good to you!

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