must be crazy, cuz I’m too poor to be eccentric

You know:
For someone as “unorganized” as myself, I’ve come to realize that I’m anal about some pretty weird things.

Not in a “Sleeping With the Enemy” sort of way,

creeeepy.. I'd mess that sh!t up in NO time.

but in a “why would that really matter to her” sort of way.

Take, for example, the dishwasher.

Hubby, God bless him, is superbly awesome about loading the dishwasher for me. He is a true believer in doing his fair share of the chores around the house and … well.. who am I to stop him?

*edit* after pre-reading this, he informed me that he does “MORE than his fair share”…

The problem is that I like the dishwasher loaded a certain way.
Glasses, tupperware, big, super sharp knives on the top rack.

Plates in a row (usually descending in size – seriously… I now hang my head in shame), bowls in a separate row, and silverware with the handle down, unless it is a small sharp knife.

can you hear the angels singing? Aaaahhhh!!

I know – weird right?

Hubby? Just put it wherever it fits. Sideways, upside down, top rack, bottom… doesn’t matter. It’ll do.

NOT my dishwasher, but you get the point. This picture stresses me out.

He’s learned to either load it quickly and turn it on, or get out of the way and just let me reorganize it.

Then comes the laundry. Towels in particular. Again, Hubby is more than willing to take on this task, as 85% of the clothes in our house belong to him anyways (he’s just a BIT of a clothes hound.)
Why does it perturb me that he hangs everything up? T-shirts included. Is this normal? Don’t t-shirts go in a drawer or something?? AAaack!
Back to the towels:
I hate the way he folds them. It’s like this: fold; turn; fold again; turn; fold again. to make a perfect square.
I like them folded in half, then twice more in that direction, then turn and fold in half. They fit better in my linen closet and, well, that’s the way my Mom folded them and she MUST know what she’s doing by now right?

He’s given up on attempting to fold my clothes… he knows I’ll just refold them and so why waste the effort.

Moving on.

Every night before I go to bed, I pull down every corner of the fitted sheet so it’s super snug on the mattress.

snappin' tight. AWESOME - right?

If hubby’s already in bed, it’s all I can do to not ask him to get out of bed so I can fix it.

Yes, he makes fun of me quite often for that one.

No I didn’t grow up in the military.

Funny thing is that I don’t make my bed every morning… just flatten the sheets out at night.

That’s how I roll.

There’s probably a psychologist somewhere who’s frowning at the screen right now and jotting down notes.

The most recent addition?

The rear-view camera on my van.
I hate any dirt on it… and I hate if an icicle is hanging in front of it.
It makes it blurry, and I can’t see.
It doesn’t matter how much of a hurry I’m in, I will throw that baby in PARK and jump out, run to the back and run my finger over the little lens.

It is, after all, a serious safety issue.

as a side note: I’m slowing losing my ability to look behind me, people. The range of motion in my neck is reduced by some ridiculous amount, I’m sure… my chiropractor could confirm this, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.

seriously... coolest thing EVER!

I wonder what’s next.

Don’t even get me started on my pet peeves…

I’m sure I don’t even recognize some of my issues… maybe Hubby should guest post? 🙂



15 thoughts on “must be crazy, cuz I’m too poor to be eccentric

  1. this is funny! My husband was an engineer and my daughter is in college studying to be one..their packing the dishwasher skills, folding bed sheet skills are to be envied by you..perfect..I meanwhile hurry up and close the diswasher so they don’t see how I packed it!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  2. LOL My husband is exactly like you 😉 to the point that forks, knives and spoons need to be separated in the dishwasher. He does the bed thing too. It used to drive me batty, but after 13 years I find I now do it all too, who knew it DOES make things easier

  3. I am feeling momto8’s pain. I too am married to an engineer. Every household task can be reduced to an efficiency formula. I think he would like for you to come and retrain me as I am a bit too loosey goosey for his taste!

    That rear-view camera is awesome. My last van had a beeping sensor to alert me, but this one is all on me. I really like the added security of a back up like this.

  4. I am very anal when it comes to things too.
    For the record…I do not have a dishwasher, I am the dishwasher.
    Anyhoodles, the closet is organized by colour.
    so are our underwear drawers.
    The towels are also folded in a specific way too.
    I think it just looks nice and neat…and that makes me happy.

  5. I’ll admit my dishwasher often looks like that picture! My husband routinely redoes the whole thing after I load it up. I figure the water will get to everything, right? Might as well cram it to capacity and save water and power!

  6. You could not be married to me.

    On the other hand, my husband would fall in love with you in an instant.

    Gotta make sure HE NEVER SEES THIS POST.

    Must click out quickly, I hear him coming….

  7. The dishwasher isn’t that strange. Both my mother and I have are peculiar ways of loading the dishwasher because after trial and error we figure out the best way to get the dishes clean is this particular way. And yes, I totally have to fold the clothes a certain way. I don’t have the sheets problem, but the dishes have to be a certain way in the cupboards. I’ve been know to randomly straighten friend’s cupboards so they are uniform and fit better.

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