never leave your kids alone with a MacBook

I have a very busy weekend…

Peanut got his glasses yesterday, and it was Speedy’s birthday (8!!!)
My best friend’s little girl has her 5th birthday party today. We should have LOTS of nice pictures 🙂
We are having Speedy’s family birthday party tonight.

We are having Speedy’s friend birthday party tomorrow.

(I’m grooming him much like myself, to enjoy a week-long birthday !! )

Yesterday, as I rushed around between respirology appointments, glasses pick-up and school pick-ups, I gave Peanut the computer and put Angry Birds on it for him to play.

He loves that silly game.

I rushed around, hearing him giggle and laugh, which made me smile – I was worried he wouldn’t like his new glasses and it would be a fight to get him to wear them.

Instead, when I came downstairs to see what was making him laugh so hard, I found this on my computer:

Guess he found Photo Booth.

Guess he’s ok with them.

And if this doesn’t make you laugh, you need help 🙂


6 thoughts on “never leave your kids alone with a MacBook

  1. Love those glasses. It really is true that glasses make you look smart! lol Truly great shots. He may just have your gift for photography budding there!

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