getting primal – with the family

I truly believe that we are brainwashed into thinking that our bodies “need” starchy, processed carbohydrates. Seriously.
How many sports teams do you know that have the big pasta dinner the night before the big game?

My chiropractor, Dr G, piqued my interest when she mentioned a “primal” diet.
Hubby had been reading about this diet for a little while – the science of it – and he was really interested, so when Dr G mentioned it and the fact that she and her family eat this way, I thought what the heck… nothing to lose, right?

Honestly, what harm can possibly come from removing starchy, insulin-stimulating carbs and encouraging the intake of more natural whole foods?

I promise I’m not going all whole milk, granola, Birkenstock, earth Mother on you… (although I DO love my Birks πŸ˜‰ )

The best part about this diet? I can include my boys. No more making 3 meals. (I was following one diet, Hubby another, and the kids ate whatever they liked)

A healthy diet is important to a growing body, and brain development, so why would I allow my children to eat “junky” food? Granted, at our house, our “junk” night consists of a homemade pizza, not a drive-thru, but what they eat elsewhere is outside of our control. We are planning on making our house as healthy and wholesome as possible. The boys never ask for take-out, garbage restaurants, so why would I feed it to them?

So why is it, then, that it’s hard to make a meal and not feel like it’s “missing something” when there’s no starchy side dish? Why do I feel that a steak dinner just isn’t complete without a baked potato, and honestly, what would bacon and eggs be without toast?

It’s taken some getting used to, and I’m still learning as I go, but I’ve discovered a few recipes along the way for some treats, and some staples and am working hard to re-program myself to remember that breakfast doesn’t have to consist of what we deem to be “breakfast” foods. If all I can find is soup, then have soup. If I want to wrap a chunk of old cheddar in a slice of ham and dip it in dijon mustard, so be it. It’s been rather liberating, really. I’ve almost been trying to find odd things to eat for breakfast. If I can get my co-workers to look at me funny as I’m eating breakfast, I have succeeded.

The best part of this lifestyle change? I’ve lost some weight. But I’m not going by the numbers on the scale, I’m seeing how my clothes fit, and how I’m feeling. My mental clarity is at an all-time high – surprisingly, this has caused a bit of a problem, as it has made my mind work overtime, but I’m working on getting myself organized “up there”.

The point? I’m feeling really good about this decision. And even though I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, I always feel good about climbing right back on it, where normally I would have to talk myself back into a diet for a good 2 weeks before I would resume it.

If only primal eating would make this head cold disappear…. life would be perfect.

6 thoughts on “getting primal – with the family

  1. i think our bodies crave the starch because it knows that it’s not good for us πŸ˜‰ … well in moderation.
    i think this is great and you’re doing well. Be easy on yourself if you cheat once and a while…you’re human πŸ˜‰

  2. I you having any trouble finding all the fresh produce you need in the middle of winter? Do you garden at all? I so want to be a gardener, but so far my desire outweighs my skill!

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