Sunday Smilemaker

Week #2 of having Mr Sammy. He’s a completely different dog than he was when he came to live with us. While he’s still timid and cautious, but I’m learning things about him and his personality that are making it a bit easier to bring him out of his shell.

For instance, I learned yesterday that if you have a dog with you, he will let you pet him. I figure that in his eyes, if you have a dog, you’re ok… it means you’re trustworthy or something.

I’ve learned that using a clicker to reinforce the good things in his new world helps to keep his mind off all the “bad” things that were scaring him. (Thanks Anna!)

I walk the same area every day, just so that he had a bit of consistency, and today was the first day that we did our entire walk without him tucking his tail once.

Not once.

This is huge considering that I very rarely saw his tail during our walks.

I’m truly enjoying the challenge that is figuring out this newest boy in my life. I think he’s going to be great.

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