all about me…..

My name is Lindsay…

I am many things… wife, mother, daughter and friend being the most important.

Other roles include (but are not limited to) taxi, photographer, sports coach, full time employee and constant student.

I can often be found behind a 50mm lens, which, the majority of the time, is my view of the world. I like it that way.

I have battled depression, postpartum and otherwise, and won… I think.

I want an iPhone just because I love Instagram photos.
Well, that and I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t have one.

I get excited about silly things. I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

My friends know when I really find something funny because I cry.

I say ‘seriously’ a lot.

I’m fiercely loyal and will defend my family and friends with my last breath. Especially my man and my sons. Don’t mess with them 😉

I am constantly surrounded by beautiful people, situations and have developed an eye for details. I am spending my life raising two beautiful sons, Peanut and Monster,  and an amazing step-son, Speedy, with my best friend and love of my life, Hubby.  Because of this, I look forward to every single day. 🙂


4 thoughts on “all about me…..

  1. Well and HELLO.

    You had the coolest comment at my post on Realism and Resolutions to the point where I finished up dinner early to check out what cool broad would say screw lululemon britches…or was it bitches.

    ANYHOW: I love your style and this is what I love about blogging: meeting people I just fall for, like that.

    Happy you came over, and allowed me the chance to meet you.

    Thank you.

    • it was definitely bitches… and if you’re wondering why… you’ll just have to keep reading…won’t you 😉

      I’ve been stalking you for a while, but have been a big *ahem* intimidated by your awesomeness… I won’t be shy any longer.

  2. You are a blogger I can get on board with. I too see life through the lens of camera. For those who don’t (my hubs) it is hard to understand the fascination…but it is so real.

    I love what I see so far on your blog and I’ll be stalking you with my little sliver of free time.

    Great stuff!!!

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