my movember man

I know I’ve raved about Hubby before.

I’ve spoken about how he understands me like no one else.

How he is helping me with a new path in my life.

He’s wonderful, affectionate and compassionate.

But he’s blown me away with his latest gesture.

Hubby, the man who is obsessed with being clean-cut and always looking his best, has “lost” his razor and is growing a beard in support of Prostate Cancer awareness and prevention.

We’re talking Movember, people.

When he first approached me with the idea (because we all know that as wives, we get first say on any new looks) he told me he really wanted to do something for cancer awareness and that he was going to raise pledges and shave his head.

I didn’t even look up from my coffee as I said absolutely not. His salt and pepper sexiness is non-negotiable.

Grounds for divorce.

Movember? he suggests. That I can handle. There are ground rules however. NO Moustache. No no no no. Double NO.

There is to be no Tom Selleck-ness in this house.

google images

It’s nasty and disturbing.

Even Brad Pitt couldn’t pull it off.

Google images

See how unimpressed Angelina looks? It’s because of the pornstache that Brad’s got on.

No thanks.

credit to Google

However – beard?
A la George Clooney? Uhhh – Absolutely !! Where do we sign up!!??

NOT kidding people, this is almost exactly what Hubby looks like with his beard… RRrrowr.

Plus it’s for a great cause. You spend the month of November growing your facial hair (or the first few days in Hubby’s case… it grows pretty fast!!), raise pledges and shave it off at the end of the month. Easy Peesy, no harm, no fuss.

I’m kind of liking the rugged, husky look that my normally perfectly primped man has adopted. I’m seeing the double takes he’s getting… (back off ladies… he’s taken). I may not let him shave it off!!

Think about it for a moment. You never know when the special man in your life could become afflicted with this terrible disease. I’m so proud of Hubby for wanting to make a difference. He really is an everyday hero.

I urge everyone to take a moment, visit the Movember website to see what it’s all about, consider donating to this worthwhile cause… I’ll be posting pictures of Hubby as he gets his sexy on…

Stay tuned!!!