that cattle-herding store…

Hubby and I took a trip to Ikea recently. This is a store that causes me great stress. I love the fact that there are rooms set up so that you can effectively see their products in action – what stresses me out is that there are always 400,000 other people there, and for some unknown reason, they’re all shopping like they only have 10 minutes to fill their cart!

There are some fun things to see at Ikea when you are a people-watcher like me…

1 – Lulu bee-otches: I find it hilarious that people feel the need to dress in head to toe Lululemon – and I mean head to toe… even the headband and purse – get the blonde hair teased, straightened and as big as possible, then put on your makeup with a putty knife and head out for a lovely afternoon of shopping. While I may be employing hyperbole here, it was seriously ridiculous on this particular day…. although I did enjoy watching her search for the mouse as she used the touch-screen catalogue… *snicker*

2 – Husband cupholders: These are the men that are obviously just along to do the driving, push the cart, and hold the purse.  There were several of them on this particular day, all employing the proper etiquette of staying exactly 4 feet behind, looking at the floor and nodding exuberantly when asked whether they liked whatever knick-knack the “boss” was holding.

3 – Mind-changers. sadly, this was us on this particular trip : both shoppers have a list in their hands… there are multiple things written down, then scratched out. They stand in front of something for  countless minutes, heads cocked to the left, index finger to top lip. Then the idea strikes – OUT comes the measuring tape, murmur murmur… head cock to the right.

4 – Audio/Visual demonstrators: ummm this was me too. Hubby has a hard time “seeing” the room I’m trying to create – so when I saw “THE” bookcase, and said “we’ll put it on the right wall”, I kind of got a blank look and a long drawn out “ooooh kaaaay?”
People around us probably saw the demonstration that followed and thought my poor man was deaf. I was running through the “O.K. – so if you open the doors…” demonstrate opening french doors “…and you look to the right…” exaggerate looking right while waving my right arm like air traffic control “…it will go on that wall!” eyebrows raised…. wait for the recognition…
“Ahhhh, I see.”


And off to the self-serve warehouse to try and locate Aisle 34 Bin 5.

I wonder if people realize that the store herds people like metal dividers herd cattle through through a field and into a trailer.
I get excited when I find the “shortcut” to the department I want so that I don’t have to stroll through an entire HOUSE to find the tealights that I love and I mean love – they smell so nice! They had citrusy scents on this particular day, which caused me to “oooooh!” and stop to smell, then load up a cardboard tray with $.75 tealight holders… because you can never have too many, really.

I then collected Hubby, who hadn’t even noticed I had stopped, and was pleasantly chatting to the lady behind him, who kept looking behind her to see who he was talking to.
By this time, my patience is shot and I just want to go home, so we headed to the cattle gates cash registers and headed home.

I did manage to buy a beautiful bookcase and a huge desk for my office… it looks very professional and is WAY more organized than it used to be.

But I still sit on the couch to write 🙂

See you next time, Ikea.

migraines, chiropractors and skepticism

I was at my wit’s end.

About 20 years of debilitating headaches had taken it’s toll on me.
I’ve always had a fear of chiropractics. I blame this on the media. The over-exaggeration of techniques used to adjust people had instilled a deep-rooted fear of any number of horrible side-effects…
I had heard the arguments from some physiotherapists saying that chiropractics were a “band-aid” solution to a deeper-rooted problem. They wouldn’t help you get better, just feel better for now.

But my wonderful Hubby being the natural health advocate that he is, urged me to visit with a local chiropractor… just visit, he said, no obligation to do anything – just see what she says.

Hey – it’s just a consultation right?

So just before Christmas I made an appointment to visit with Dr G – a young, energetic woman with 3 young children and a busy practise.
She and her husband, who is a friend of Hubby (and also his chiropractor) opened a centre which is dedicated to not only healing people, but educating them in living well.

As I sat in Dr G’s office, wrapped in a hospital gown, modesty out the window, I decided to put all of my faith in her. I mean, if this was a “band-aid” solution, why did they have kinesiologists, experts in posture, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, not to mention exercise classes and wellness challenges – seems like an awful lot of people on staff.

I knew as soon as she walked in the room that I would like her. She had energy. She seemed enthusiastic about her job – I wasn’t just another patient, I was an individual. I answered a LOT of questions – traumatic incidents, stress levels, pregnancies, deliveries… by the time the interview process was over, she was practically drooling at the opportunity to help me. She did a scan of my spine and sent me for x-rays of my back and neck. I liked that she wanted the full picture before she started anything.

When I headed back for my follow-up, I was ready for the bad news… sorry, your headaches are stress-related / hormone related / life related – and you’re just going to have to deal with them.

Not so.

She was excited. This was caused by some trauma I had incurred as a child falling off a horse. The vertebrae in my neck were compressed/damaged/messed up (I don’t remember the actual term) and once she got them back in line and working properly, not only would I have proper movement in my neck – yay for being able to check my blind spot properly – but my headaches would be virtually non-existant.

She was sure of it.

That excited me.

“I can help you!”

She didn’t say “I think I can help you”… it was definite. I like that. So much, in fact, that I almost cried. She was absolutely positive that she would be able to help me. Not only that – she was positive that the effects would be almost immediate.

The adjustments? Heaven.

After the first adjustment, I had increased range of motion in my neck. My muscle tension seemed to be decreased. My lower back, which we discovered is arthritic, felt better…

I’ve been going to see Dr G 3 times a week for the last 4 weeks – she did a rescan of my spine and the results are amazing – less tension, more alignment, better posture. Now? I go twice a week, and am learning exercises to help my body stay aligned properly, without having to go back so often. Band-aid solution? I don’t think so. She’s helping me learn to take care of my own body so that I’m not dependant on her to make it feel better.

The best part?

Not a migraine to be had since about the 3rd adjustment. Dr G is my new best friend, and a superhero as far as I’m concerned.


Well – since I put my faith completely in her, I listened when Dr G suggested that Hubby and I start on a Primal diet. More to come on this… the next chapter in our journey to take better care of our bodies, and souls.

We deserve it.

must be crazy, cuz I’m too poor to be eccentric

You know:
For someone as “unorganized” as myself, I’ve come to realize that I’m anal about some pretty weird things.

Not in a “Sleeping With the Enemy” sort of way,

creeeepy.. I'd mess that sh!t up in NO time.

but in a “why would that really matter to her” sort of way.

Take, for example, the dishwasher.

Hubby, God bless him, is superbly awesome about loading the dishwasher for me. He is a true believer in doing his fair share of the chores around the house and … well.. who am I to stop him?

*edit* after pre-reading this, he informed me that he does “MORE than his fair share”…

The problem is that I like the dishwasher loaded a certain way.
Glasses, tupperware, big, super sharp knives on the top rack.

Plates in a row (usually descending in size – seriously… I now hang my head in shame), bowls in a separate row, and silverware with the handle down, unless it is a small sharp knife.

can you hear the angels singing? Aaaahhhh!!

I know – weird right?

Hubby? Just put it wherever it fits. Sideways, upside down, top rack, bottom… doesn’t matter. It’ll do.

NOT my dishwasher, but you get the point. This picture stresses me out.

He’s learned to either load it quickly and turn it on, or get out of the way and just let me reorganize it.

Then comes the laundry. Towels in particular. Again, Hubby is more than willing to take on this task, as 85% of the clothes in our house belong to him anyways (he’s just a BIT of a clothes hound.)
Why does it perturb me that he hangs everything up? T-shirts included. Is this normal? Don’t t-shirts go in a drawer or something?? AAaack!
Back to the towels:
I hate the way he folds them. It’s like this: fold; turn; fold again; turn; fold again. to make a perfect square.
I like them folded in half, then twice more in that direction, then turn and fold in half. They fit better in my linen closet and, well, that’s the way my Mom folded them and she MUST know what she’s doing by now right?

He’s given up on attempting to fold my clothes… he knows I’ll just refold them and so why waste the effort.

Moving on.

Every night before I go to bed, I pull down every corner of the fitted sheet so it’s super snug on the mattress.

snappin' tight. AWESOME - right?

If hubby’s already in bed, it’s all I can do to not ask him to get out of bed so I can fix it.

Yes, he makes fun of me quite often for that one.

No I didn’t grow up in the military.

Funny thing is that I don’t make my bed every morning… just flatten the sheets out at night.

That’s how I roll.

There’s probably a psychologist somewhere who’s frowning at the screen right now and jotting down notes.

The most recent addition?

The rear-view camera on my van.
I hate any dirt on it… and I hate if an icicle is hanging in front of it.
It makes it blurry, and I can’t see.
It doesn’t matter how much of a hurry I’m in, I will throw that baby in PARK and jump out, run to the back and run my finger over the little lens.

It is, after all, a serious safety issue.

as a side note: I’m slowing losing my ability to look behind me, people. The range of motion in my neck is reduced by some ridiculous amount, I’m sure… my chiropractor could confirm this, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.

seriously... coolest thing EVER!

I wonder what’s next.

Don’t even get me started on my pet peeves…

I’m sure I don’t even recognize some of my issues… maybe Hubby should guest post? 🙂


Some blogging resolutions for 2012

Google Images

This should technically be easy… to actually do it with some amount of consistency.
This year has been difficult. I love blogging – putting my thoughts into words and seeing if anyone out there shares the same crazy idea or has any input or help for me.

This has been an absolutely amazing experience.

And I’ve “met” some fantastic and inspirational people along the way.

The beauty about blogging? The people that comment on your blog do so because they found it interesting.
Because something touched them about what you had to say.
Because they thought you were funny or witty.
Because they can relate to what you are talking about.

I started blogging on April 18, 2011. I went back through my old posts and had a look through what I have been writing about for the last 8 and a half months.

I’ve shared my love of the little things and the excitement about moving into a new house with my wonderful Hubby.
I opened up about my son’s disability and how overwhelming realization can be.
My hatred for the word Can’t has been revealed…
I’ve talked about how my life has changed since becoming a mother, and how my parents have changed my life… usually in the most hilarious of ways.
I’ve shared my fear of my children becoming independent and my hatred of bullies.
I’ve even shown you some of my pictures from my first “real” newborn photo shoot.

All in all, it’s been a pretty fantastic 2011.

Let’s hope 2012 is just as phenomenal 🙂

Wishing a Safe and Happy New Year to you all.

sleep and you | some light reading

I’ve told you about my difficulties in finding sleep.

They haven’t gotten any better, unfortunately. I lie awake at night thinking about everything that I forgot or didn’t get around to doing over the course of the day, what needs to be done tomorrow and then I start prioritizing these things in my head.

Not exactly conducive to sleep.

I miss my pre-children, pre-divorce, pre pre pre sleeping patterns. You know… the ones where you could sleep until 11am? Everyone in the house could be up, mom could vacuum in my room and I wouldn’t wake up.

Hubby’s been reading a couple of books on healthy eating and overall improvement of your physiology and has been fascinated by what he is discovering. Every so often, he will read an excerpt (or chapter) to me. I was particularly interested in what he was telling me about sleep deprivation and its effects.

Were you aware that the constantly sleep deprived have the same physiological make-up of a person with type 2 diabetes?. 50 points if you knew that, because I sure didn’t.
You can actually make yourself insulin resistant through lack of sleep. I’m not sure in what sort of situations that happens, but it’s enough to make me reconsider my sleeping patterns and do what I can to try and get some extra shut-eye at night.

I also suffer from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and with yet another Canadian winter knocking on my door, I am researching something….anything that will help me stay positive, and healthy mentally. Can’t have me any crazier than I already am….


Hubby and I have researched a bit, and are considering light therapy. Not only can it help fight off the winter blues, but can also help me sleep better, by helping get my cortisol levels back into a corrected pattern. It’s all very scholarly and such…

Point is?

I need sleep.

And if sitting in front of a bright light for half an hour a day will make me sleep better and be happier… I’m willing to try it.

My next experiment?
Getting hubby to take me south for a week and let me soak up natural sunshine – might as well do some comparison analysis while we’re at it right? 😉