Mommyhood Confession | Monster’s 30 questions

Why should be banned and classified as a bad word. I understand that it is a learning tool, but seriously – when is it enough?!

Monster is my “why” child.  He’ll ask why to everything, and when you give him an answer, he’ll ask why to that… this cycle can continue until finally you have to end it with “I don’t know, Monster… ask Mr P.” (his teacher)

Have you ever seen the movie Uncle Buck? Monster is Miles… especially in the scene where John Candy gets asked question after question- every time he answers, it is followed up by “How come?” – this is Monster.
If you haven’t seen this yet, you have to watch it!!!

I thought I’d turn the tables and ask him the questions… only I didn’t follow every single one up with “why?” He felt pretty important that Mommy was interviewing him. 🙂

1.What is your favourite colour? Red is nice
2.What is your favourite toy? My ‘Angry Birds’ Pig – he’s the best.
3.What is your favourite fruit? Apple. Grapes? Wait, no. Definitely Apple.
4.What is your favourite tv show? Diego I think – maybe Star Wars too.
5.What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? Cheez Whiz and crackers – it’s really good for you – like healthy mom.
6.What is your favourite outfit? my undershirt ???
7.What is your favourite game? Lightning McQueen on my V-Reader
8.What is your favourite snack? Peanut butter and banana roll-ups that F makes (F is Hubby).
9.What is your favourite animal? kittie cats – especially Nemo and Marlin at Gramma & Grampa’s house.
10.What is your favourite song? sungJust the way you are (yes, my son loves Bruno Mars)
11.What is your favourite book? I Knew You Could can we read it next?
12.Who is your best friend? Brady – cuz he plays with me. And Vanessa…but she’s my girlfriend.
13.What is your favourite cereal? Cheerios (is there any other)
14.What is your favourite thing to do outside? Play in the snow making snowforts.
15.What is your favourite drink? Milkshakes – pink ones – yum.
16.What is your favourite holiday? Valentines day
17.What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Deedle (as he snuggles in close)
18.What is your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? I like your eggies, but I like your Ham and Egg Muffins better.
19.What do you want for dinner on your birthday? French Fries and chicken nuggets cuz I like them the best… remember F made them a long time ago?
20.What do you want to be when you grow up? I will go to work and let you stay home (cute!) I’ll be a scientist making potions.
21.Where is your favourite place to go? Sarah’s house cuz it’s the best – I get to watch movies there, bring my own drink there… play with C and give Sarah a hug when I go.
22.What is your favourite thing to do in the whole wide world? Give hugs and kisses to Mommy and F and Daddy and Gramma and Grampa and Peanut and Speedy and….. (naming everyone in the family)
23.What is your favourite letter? A cuz you can spell alphabet with it.
24.What is your lucky number? 1 cuz it’s easy to count.
25.What animal do you like to see when you go to the zoo? A zebra because they’re black and white and sometimes they can do tricks like Marty on Madagascar. It’s pretty funny mom.
26.What is your favourite book to read at night? The train one (see # 11)
27.What colour are your eyes? blue… no GREEN. right?
28.What is your favourite thing to do with Mommy on the weekend? Give you hugs and kisses and go to the spiderweb park on our bikes.
29.What do you like most about Peanut? He lets me play with his remote control helicopter.
30.What do you like most about Speedy? He plays tag with me.
Anything else you want to say?
“Yeah, F reads great stories. I love you Mom. Past Heaven and the North Pole and China and the Arctic and past that and past that and past that and even past CHINA.”

I love you too, Monster. 🙂


Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday | Mama Bear

Is it the ultimate in sloth?

Is it lazy parenting?


It’s better than watching TV.


The Splash Pad!!!

And we visit it every hot night we can, because I refuse to sit in Air Conditioning ALL night long with 3 energetic children.

My confession is…

I tend to judge people based on their looks at the splash pad.  My Mama bear instincts kick in and I scan the surrounding adults.

Who is that man?

He looks like a bum.

Where are his children?

The next 5-10 minutes are spent with my eyes darting from my children to this strange man, perched on a picnic table, having a cigarette, watching children play on the splash pad in the public park…. waiting for the moment that someone, anyone, shouts “Daddy!” and runs over to him… thereby giving him a reason to be sitting there.

It doesn’t come.

So, I gather the 3 little cubs up and despite the multitude of protests, pleas and negotiations, shuffle them towards the car… shooting Mr. Creepy a “you stay away from my children” look over my shoulder as I go.

Because it’s easier to remove the kiddos from the situation than nervously ask a man, who has every right to be sitting in the public park, what the hell he’s doing here. Good way to get yourself shanked.

Maybe I’m overreacting… maybe some of the completely unruly and obnoxious children that were there that night were his, but Mama Bear was ready to growl, and no one… repeat NO ONE wants to see that.

Am I wrong to judge people like this??   Or do I just stick to the trusty old adage “Better safe than sorry” ?


Secret Mommyhood Confession Saturday

After nearly 13 years of NOT being in school…. I still HATE homework.

I especially hate all forms of math homework.

Ooooh math. We have never EVER gotten along.


I have to say, it’s probably a bad sign when I’m already frustrated by Peanut’s Grade 1 math homework.

This week? Telling time.

An 8×10 piece of paper with 20 empty clock faces on it. The instructions? Read the time (written below the empty clock face) and draw the hands in the proper places on the clock.

The times? On the hour and half hour.

Every. Single. One.

SO – we get done 4 and Peanut says “this is boring… you just have to change the short hand”.

Yep. Interest lost in 0.3 seconds.

The sad thing is, by grade 4 or 5, he’ll be so far ahead of me in math that it will be like an embarrassing episode of “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader”.

And the answer will be NO.

But until then, I guess I have to be interested, so they’re interested. 🙂



Last Saturday, I confessed to enjoying my kid-free weekends. (although feeling bad about it)

This Saturday, I’d like to show you why…

Hubby and I went camping….

the road less travelled

We stepped out of our technological reality for a weekend and went back to nature.

We made a pact – no computers, no texting, no emails… and the only phone calls allowed were to the boys.

We needed some time away. I’ve been stressed about work, trying to do too many things, and have taken it out on Hubby.  God bless him, he knows me and knows that a few days in a quiet setting with my camera will reset my mind and make me sane again.

Artisan cheeses

Saturday morning was raining and dreary, so we took the opportunity to tour around and visit some local cheese producers.

Hubby’s not a fan of chevre, but we soon discovered that he sure likes sheep cheese!

a beautiful view

The weather cleared up by lunchtime, as we ate lunch at the local golf club, in a dining room overlooking a  beautiful course set by a serene lake.

We had the most amazing view from our campsite.

And we took advantage of it. We sat out around a campfire in the evenings, and enjoyed a quiet cup of  coffee with french vanilla in the mornings.

footprints in the sand

We walked the beach every day.

Quietly searching it for the peace we so desperately needed.

Strolling hand in hand, completely silent, reaffirming our unbreakable bond to each other in ways that only we understand.

beauty and the beach

For 3 days, we roamed the beach, the dunes, the trails.  We drove and got lost on purpose.  We laughed, we cried, we ate.  I felt like I was in an Elizabeth Gilbert movie.

And slowly but surely, I was able to release some of the tension that I’ve been carrying around with me for weeks now.  This wonderful man who knows me so well knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

Which is exactly why I love him so very much.

the man I love

Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

I’m a part time mom.

I used to hate being called this, but basically, I suppose it’s true.

I’m divorced and have my children 50% of the time, because I feel that children should spend equal amounts of time between mother and father. It’s only fair. Just because he’s a shitty husband, that doesn’t make him a shitty father. Plus, I put myself in his shoes and thought “I wouldn’t want to go for a week without seeing the boys”, so this is the arrangement.

And it usually works out just fine.

My confession is:

<<hanging my head in shame>>

I love my kid-free weekends.

There I said it.

As much as I love my children (and I do love them – more than anything else in this WORLD – and would love to have them with me full time.) I have gotten used to the every other weekend life.

I think it started when I was first separated. That first weekend, I had no idea what to do with myself, while the kiddos were at their Dad’s. I felt like I was just walking around in circles and accomplishing nothing.

That passed pretty quickly.

I soon realized that I could clean the whole house without having to re-clean it 10 minutes later!


I could sleep until 8 o’clock! Or later if my internal clock wasn’t ringing!!!


If I told someone “sure, I’ll be right there” – I could actually be right there.

I know!! – Amazing!

Now – Hubby and I do most everything together… we golf, we travel (relatively close to home, but still…), we camp, go to watch the Jays get slaughtered by the Yankees baseball games and love to have that impromptu date night and pick a restaurant on the fly. We’re best friends, and soulmates.

We have had discussions of adding another little person to our lives. It’s something that we’d love to do while we are still young and can enjoy it. And I have to admit, the longing to have another baby, a little bit of he and I together, strikes me quite often, especially since we’ve moved into a perpetually pregnant neighbourhood.

But there is that ever-nagging question:

Who will take the baby every other weekend???