Sunday Smilemaker

Week #2 of having Mr Sammy. He’s a completely different dog than he was when he came to live with us. While he’s still timid and cautious, but I’m learning things about him and his personality that are making it a bit easier to bring him out of his shell.

For instance, I learned yesterday that if you have a dog with you, he will let you pet him. I figure that in his eyes, if you have a dog, you’re ok… it means you’re trustworthy or something.

I’ve learned that using a clicker to reinforce the good things in his new world helps to keep his mind off all the “bad” things that were scaring him. (Thanks Anna!)

I walk the same area every day, just so that he had a bit of consistency, and today was the first day that we did our entire walk without him tucking his tail once.

Not once.

This is huge considering that I very rarely saw his tail during our walks.

I’m truly enjoying the challenge that is figuring out this newest boy in my life. I think he’s going to be great.

Sunday Smilemaker | skating

I’ve been trying to get Monster to skate. All last winter, he refused, saying he just wanted to walk.

If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you’ll know that “can’t” is a bad word in my house.

We tried bob skates… no luck.
So this year, I didn’t even make a deal out of it, I just put the skates on him and said “walk around the basement.”

So he did.

And he was thrilled that he could walk around and not fall over.

So we went to the rink.

He did really, really well. I taught him to “shuffle” and then as he learned to get going forward, how to snowplow to slow down… he’s so proud of himself.

Great job, my littlest man. xo

Sunday Smilemaker(s)

I have more than one smilemaker today.
My 3 oldest friends and I get together every year with our children and have our own Christmas for them.
This year, the party was hosted at our house. With 8 children under 8 (most of them under 5), there was no shortage of shouts, squeals, crying, laughing, and excitement.

As the evening wound down, everyone gathered up their children and said their goodbyes. As I closed the door behind my friend B, with her little man C (you can find him here… or here), I realized that we don’t do this nearly enough.

Why only once a year?

We’ve been best friends since we were kids. We’ve seen each other through heartbreaks, weddings, divorce, births, deaths and multiple trips to the hospital for any number of injuries and illnesses.

These are the women I trust with my life, and who I am proud to be friends with.

Most of the time 😉

Here are some fun shots from our afternoon together.

Monster got an R/C truck for his gift.  This made him “sooooooo happy!!”

He spent the next 20 minutes racing it back and forth from the living room to the entryway, all the while trying to keep the remote out of the quick hands of little BusyBoy.

The first moment he set it down and turned his back…..


Sunday Smilemaker | the baby


My oldest friend, and the one I never in a million years thought I would be doing newborn pictures for, had a baby. Today, at 4 days old, I went for a visit to hang out and take some shots….

He’s adorable.

He’s tiny and squeaky and smells like heaven.

My uterus was screaming as we left the house.

Would I really do that all over again???