Want to win a new camera?

So… I’m a photographer.
Or at least I pretend to be one.
I spent 7 summers photographing people getting married before I decided that entire Saturdays were better spent with my children… for now, anyways.

As a photographer, I am constantly searching for fun actions to apply to the images. These actions can take a plain, ordinary photograph:

well... not exactly ORDINARY when your model is THIS beautiful

and turn it into a soft, gauze-like image that seems to be directly out of a dream, with the click of a button.

isn't it dreamy?

I love that.

I have a few places that I get my actions from, but one of the main two is My Four Hens Photography. or M4H for short.

This was a fantastic find for me… expanding my creativity and giving me the “guts” to try some different looks for my pictures.

Sarah (the owner) has a HUGE heart and loves to see the images that people create with her actions. IF you post your picture on her Facebook wall, she will comment on it, guaranteed.
I’d like to know what her secret is to having the time to run a business, which entails a lot of time in front of the computer, as well as raising a family…. Superwoman!

Anyways, M4H is hosting a HUGE giveaway right now. A Canon 5D Mark II camera and a 2 hour Skype Mentorship… this is HUGE people.

Best part?

It’s SUPER easy! You just need to Like M4H on Facebook, Like Adorama, and leave a comment!
You don’t have to be a resident of the US to participate… anyone can!! As a Canadian, this is the best part of this giveaway… we don’t usually get to play along. 😦

SO, if you like to take pictures, or if you take pictures for a living… this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss. Click HERE to head over to the page and be sure to read the rules carefully.

The giveaway is only open until the 17th, so be sure to stop by, show Sarah some love, and get your name on the ballot!!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained… right?

Besides, even if you don’t enter the contest, I guarantee you’re going to want to creep her blog and see her pictures… she’s awesome!

Check it out!

** edit – please be patient with the M4H site… due to the HUGE volume of traffic, it can take a few minutes for the page to load… well worth it!!

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