Hallowe’en prep party

I don’t have my boys with me for Hallowe’en this year.

I’m not sure how to feel about this.

I won’t miss driving all over Hell’s half acre, trying to make sure that all the correct people have been visited, ensuring that no one is offended by our lack of appearance. Not an easy feat when you live in a different town than the majority of your family.

What I will miss is the prep party. The electricity in the air as they wiggle into their costumes. The energy that they exude as I try to get their make-up on properly, and to their satisfaction.

I will miss the excitement that they feel when someone can’t guess who they are…

I will miss looking in the rear-view mirror on the way back from Gramma’s house (always the last stop) and seeing sleeping superheros (or villains, in some cases), clutching their candy sacks tightly.

I will miss carrying little limp bodies into the house, arms wrapped around my neck…

I sure hope they have fun tonight.