in which I bloat my hubby’s ego…

I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.
              ~ Audrey Hepburn

I’m a hugger.  It’s my favourite thing to do. I come from a large extended family, and hugs are a regular staple in our diet.

Such a simple display of affection can seriously make my day.

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Hubby is a hugger too, and we are one of those couples that annoy the hell out of other people.

We hold hands all the time.  **gag**

We kiss every time we say goodbye.  **seriously? You’re going to see him in 5 minutes**

We tell each other we love one another constantly.  **yeah yeah yeah**

We spend very little time apart.

But I have to say…. the most wonderful displays of affection are not the beautiful bouquets of Gerbera Daisies that he has delivered to my office for no apparent reason, nor is it the exhilarating shopping trips to Montréal, or spa getaways. Not even the beautiful jewellery he buys me.

What I yearn for is that wonderful bear hug that I get as soon as we get home. He smiles, his melted chocolate eyes sparkling, places his glasses on top of his head, pulls me in close, kisses me, then wraps his strong arms around me and squeezes me so tight that he pushes out every bad moment I had at work, every stress, every angry client, and replaces it with a flood of warmth. A feeling of belonging. That undeniable feeling that I am safe. With my face pressed against his chest, the smell of his cologne still lingering through his dress shirt. I slide my arms under his suit jacket and around him, exhaling deeply as I let all the stress go.

Quite simply… my favourite time of the day.

All the ‘men’ in my house love hugs and affection, which is such a treat.

Even though he is nearly 7, Peanut loves to climb in my lap and wrap his arms around my neck when we watch television. On the couch, he will lay his head on my lap so that I can lazily run my fingers through his fine blond hair. Many times that has helped put him to sleep when he is sad or hurt.

Monster showers both Hubby and I with hugs and kisses. So adorable. Hugs so tight, his little face would make you think he was in pain. Those little boy lips puckered tight and pushed out for maximum kiss-ability. “Luv ya Mum” following every single time. Especially when he’s in trouble.

Speedy usually follows me down the stairs in the morning when I make coffee. We sit and watch Spiderman together on the couch. My heart overflowing with love, as I sit, coffee in one hand, the other arm around my stepson as he curls in beside me, head on my shoulder, to watch cartoons. Everyone else still sleeping, I cherish these special moments that I get to have with him, because I realize they won’t last forever.

“Family Hugs” have become a regular occurrence in our house, at Speedy’s insistence.

I truly consider myself to be the luckiest woman on the face of the planet.


Some of us show it easily, hugging relatives each time we meet.  Wrapping our arms around friends.
Some of us are more reserved, rarely touching other people.
And then a few of us hang out somewhere in the middle.  Hugging our children, but limiting our affection to handshakes with others.
This week we would like you to write about how the show of affection has played a part in your memory.
Choose a time when either the abundance or lack of affection (either by you or someone else) stands out, and show us.  Bring us to that time.  Help us feel what you felt.