migraines, chiropractors and skepticism

I was at my wit’s end.

About 20 years of debilitating headaches had taken it’s toll on me.
I’ve always had a fear of chiropractics. I blame this on the media. The over-exaggeration of techniques used to adjust people had instilled a deep-rooted fear of any number of horrible side-effects…
I had heard the arguments from some physiotherapists saying that chiropractics were a “band-aid” solution to a deeper-rooted problem. They wouldn’t help you get better, just feel better for now.

But my wonderful Hubby being the natural health advocate that he is, urged me to visit with a local chiropractor… just visit, he said, no obligation to do anything – just see what she says.

Hey – it’s just a consultation right?

So just before Christmas I made an appointment to visit with Dr G – a young, energetic woman with 3 young children and a busy practise.
She and her husband, who is a friend of Hubby (and also his chiropractor) opened a centre which is dedicated to not only healing people, but educating them in living well.

As I sat in Dr G’s office, wrapped in a hospital gown, modesty out the window, I decided to put all of my faith in her. I mean, if this was a “band-aid” solution, why did they have kinesiologists, experts in posture, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, not to mention exercise classes and wellness challenges – seems like an awful lot of people on staff.

I knew as soon as she walked in the room that I would like her. She had energy. She seemed enthusiastic about her job – I wasn’t just another patient, I was an individual. I answered a LOT of questions – traumatic incidents, stress levels, pregnancies, deliveries… by the time the interview process was over, she was practically drooling at the opportunity to help me. She did a scan of my spine and sent me for x-rays of my back and neck. I liked that she wanted the full picture before she started anything.

When I headed back for my follow-up, I was ready for the bad news… sorry, your headaches are stress-related / hormone related / life related – and you’re just going to have to deal with them.

Not so.

She was excited. This was caused by some trauma I had incurred as a child falling off a horse. The vertebrae in my neck were compressed/damaged/messed up (I don’t remember the actual term) and once she got them back in line and working properly, not only would I have proper movement in my neck – yay for being able to check my blind spot properly – but my headaches would be virtually non-existant.

She was sure of it.

That excited me.

“I can help you!”

She didn’t say “I think I can help you”… it was definite. I like that. So much, in fact, that I almost cried. She was absolutely positive that she would be able to help me. Not only that – she was positive that the effects would be almost immediate.

The adjustments? Heaven.

After the first adjustment, I had increased range of motion in my neck. My muscle tension seemed to be decreased. My lower back, which we discovered is arthritic, felt better…

I’ve been going to see Dr G 3 times a week for the last 4 weeks – she did a rescan of my spine and the results are amazing – less tension, more alignment, better posture. Now? I go twice a week, and am learning exercises to help my body stay aligned properly, without having to go back so often. Band-aid solution? I don’t think so. She’s helping me learn to take care of my own body so that I’m not dependant on her to make it feel better.

The best part?

Not a migraine to be had since about the 3rd adjustment. Dr G is my new best friend, and a superhero as far as I’m concerned.


Well – since I put my faith completely in her, I listened when Dr G suggested that Hubby and I start on a Primal diet. More to come on this… the next chapter in our journey to take better care of our bodies, and souls.

We deserve it.