Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

I’m a part time mom.

I used to hate being called this, but basically, I suppose it’s true.

I’m divorced and have my children 50% of the time, because I feel that children should spend equal amounts of time between mother and father. It’s only fair. Just because he’s a shitty husband, that doesn’t make him a shitty father. Plus, I put myself in his shoes and thought “I wouldn’t want to go for a week without seeing the boys”, so this is the arrangement.

And it usually works out just fine.

My confession is:

<<hanging my head in shame>>

I love my kid-free weekends.

There I said it.

As much as I love my children (and I do love them – more than anything else in this WORLD – and would love to have them with me full time.) I have gotten used to the every other weekend life.

I think it started when I was first separated. That first weekend, I had no idea what to do with myself, while the kiddos were at their Dad’s. I felt like I was just walking around in circles and accomplishing nothing.

That passed pretty quickly.

I soon realized that I could clean the whole house without having to re-clean it 10 minutes later!


I could sleep until 8 o’clock! Or later if my internal clock wasn’t ringing!!!


If I told someone “sure, I’ll be right there” – I could actually be right there.

I know!! – Amazing!

Now – Hubby and I do most everything together… we golf, we travel (relatively close to home, but still…), we camp, go to watch the Jays get slaughtered by the Yankees baseball games and love to have that impromptu date night and pick a restaurant on the fly. We’re best friends, and soulmates.

We have had discussions of adding another little person to our lives. It’s something that we’d love to do while we are still young and can enjoy it. And I have to admit, the longing to have another baby, a little bit of he and I together, strikes me quite often, especially since we’ve moved into a perpetually pregnant neighbourhood.

But there is that ever-nagging question:

Who will take the baby every other weekend???


love for mama

Over the course of my life, I have met a lot of amazing women. One of these ladies I am proud to call Mother.  Having these wonderful women in my life has taught me many many things.  In celebration of Mother’s day today, I went for brunch with my Grandmother, my mother, and 3 of her 4 sisters, along with their daughters.  I got to thinking about what special people I have in my life and just what I’ve learned.

My mother taught me some really handy things…  parsley tastes good in everything…and you can never have or use too much.  Children should be allowed to be loud and have fun… because they won’t always be children. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Knowing how to sew can save you a lot of money.  My kids won’t always be good – and that’s ok.
I’ve also inherited a few things that I could have done without… like the ability to put a birthday present away ‘somewhere safe’ and not find it until the following Christmas.

Most importantly, I learned the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  I think that the world would be a better place if everyone just remembered these words every day.

mommy and I

Thank you , Mom, for helping me be the mother that I am today. I hope that when my boys are grown and have children of their own, they think of me the way that I think of you.

I love you Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.