Royal Wedding Fever

I’m seeing this a lot lately.  It’s in every section of the newspaper, it’s on every channel, even some of my friends have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to Wills & Kate.  I realize that this is the first Wedding of an heir to the British throne that my generation has really gotten to watch, which is probably why there is such a hype about it.

I wasn’t quite 3 when Prince Charles and Princess Diana strolled down the aisle in the fairytale wedding of so many little girls’ dreams. Although I didn’t actually watch the wedding live on television, as I grew up, I was enthralled by all things Monarchy – an itch only scratched by countless Time Magazine books on each individual member of the Windsor household, as well as any special publications on the Royal family… especially Princess Diana.

I’ve always been fascinated by strong women.  Diana was strong – long before she ever became the Princess of Wales. You have to be strong to even consider entering into such an arrangement. With all the comparisons being drawn between Kate Middleton and Diana, I think the most amazing one is their strength. It takes such a strong-of-self person to step up to the limelight like that.  Sure, it’s grand being whisked around town by the future King of England, but your life is no longer your own.  You have no privacy, you are being critiqued for everything you eat, wear, do, say…. and in Kate’s case, at the same time, you’re being compared to his idolized mother – pretty big and stylish shoes to fill.

I’ve realized I’m not as caught up in all of this as I thought I would be… until this morning.  Fred reminded me that the wedding is Friday.

We are moving this Friday.

We will have no satellite from Friday until Saturday morning.  I will not be able to watch the wedding, PVR the wedding or even just check up on it every once in a while.  I started to panic.  My friends can’t watch this all before me!!! I want to witness this first hand!!

Solace comes in the form of a Rogers Rocket stick… and streaming video. Thank you technology… thank you.

All the little things | 3 days!

I get excited about small things. It’s true.  I’m a completely details oriented person – especially with my photography. Sometimes ridiculously so.  Capturing the muddy shoe on the clean bike pedal, the raindrop on the flower, the dew on the spiderweb… gives me a rush.

I worked for a wedding photography company for a few years, and the owner always made fun of me for photographing the shoes of every bride, and the place setting and giveaways at the dinner/reception.  She would laugh and say “I don’t even have to look for your name, Lindsay, I know your film just by what’s on it”.   Some people would be embarrassed by that remark. I was proud of it. It meant I was seeing what none of the other photographers were seeing – the hard work that people were putting into the day, that always gets overlooked.  A bride agonizes over which shoes to buy.  They have to be perfect – comfortable, yet stylish. They usually say something about her personality – strappy stilettos or a flat thong, they are exactly what the bride wanted to wear on her most special of days.

Have you ever crept into the reception hall before all the guests arrive?  Glowing candles shining off the sparkling stemware. Bottles of wine arranged perfectly, usually bearing the name of “Mr & Mrs So&So”. Little bags of thank you’s, name placards, upholstered seats… so many little things that usually go by unnoticed. Not by me.

Lately, I’ve discovered that this love of the “small stuff” has made a grand entrance into my everyday life too.

Take, for instance, a dishwasher.  I’ve never had a dishwasher in my life.  Actually, that’s not true.  I seem to remember my parents having a non-functioning dishwasher in their house for many many years…because it was part of the oven/dishwasher combo they had.  (that’s right… oven/dishwasher combo… I’m pretty sure they don’t make them anymore) The new house has a wonderful, gleaming stainless steel dishwasher built into the cabinets in the kitchen.  It looks like it’s smarter than me. When you pull the door out, you see all the little buttons lined up across the top of the door just waiting to be pushed.  Then when you close the door, they disappear under the edge of the countertop!!  Yes, opening and closing the door to the dishwasher made me smile as I was taking the tour of our new house…

Other “little” things make me smile too.  Sleeping until 7 and still having loads of time to get to work.  Going for groceries and it taking half an hour instead of 3 hours. Being 5 minutes late instead of an hour and 5 minutes late.

With the deadline looming on our move, all of these little things are starting to sink in and I’m getting more and more excited every day!

Endless possibilities

I’ve spent a lot of time reading lately.  I’ve been trying to determine who inspires me.  Is there anyone in the media that I look up to and would draw inspiration from? That’s a tough question.

I’m reading Howard Schultz’s book ‘Onward’ – the story of “how Starbucks fought for its life without losing it’s soul”.  Fascinating.  Schultz has no fear. He runs on gut instinct.  That’s inspirational to me. He embodies what a true entrepreneur is, in my eyes.  His company made some terribly bad choices when it came to the customer experience, all in the name of growth and globalization.  The “commoditization” (as he calls it) of the Starbucks experience became more important than the experience itself.  After stepping down as CEO and watching other people run his company, he recognized that it was time to step back in charge – and I’m only on page 25!!!

I’ve also been reading about Heather Reisman, because I find entrepreneurial woman fascinating. Founder of Indigo…. Kobo… Pistachio… she started Indigo because she was passionate about books and music. She takes pride in her company and has strict standards of what they will and will not sell. She has fought for human rights, pulled books from the shelves, and -oh yeah – is a Mother of 4, Grandmother of 7, and wife to Gerry Schwartz….  This woman can do anything.

Would I want to be as successful as these people? Yes. Who wouldn’t want the prestige of being renowned for something that you do?  Would I want to go through the trials and tribulations that it probably took to get to the point they’re at?  No.  Days, weeks, months, even years spent away from my family, my friends…my best friend… my hubby…he would miss me.

Maybe my unexciting life really is exciting enough for me.

11 days…

In 11 days, we will be moving.  We are moving from a 200 year old farmhouse, riddled with holes and countless DIY projects, to a 3 year old house where we won’t have to do anything.  I’m not sure what to do with myself. However will I pass the time, when I don’t have windows to seal or a fireplace to constantly fill up with wood pellets?  How will we make do with 4 bathrooms? And what about the fact that flushing the toilet won’t cause skin scalding temperature changes in the shower?

This will be my first house purchase.  At 32, I’ve only ever lived in someone else’s house, or I’ve rented.  This is the first thing that’s been “mine”. It’s a good feeling.  I can see why people rush into house purchases – that feeling of ownership is intoxicating.  I’m like a new grandmother. I just want to show everyone the pictures of my new “baby”.  It’s a shortcut on my blackberry. Heck, it was the wallpaper on my blackberry for a time. I’m so darn proud of it. It’s a dream home, as far as I’m concerned.  I never pictured myself ever living somewhere like this.  My hubby tells me that the moment we walked in and saw the house, the look on my face told him that he had to buy it for me.

Yes, I’m the luckiest woman on the face of the planet.

11 days…..