more baby… sorry… I had to

I’d love to have a whole string of pregnant people to let me take newborn pictures for them. I love it. It’s a newly found love too, which makes it exciting.

c3images 2011

I’ve spent the last week thinking about all the cute little props I could use… hats, blankets, baskets, the list is endless. Seriously.

c3images 2011

The sheer “newness” of this age is awe-inspiring. Everything about them is fresh, new, untouched. Their eyes look without judgement. Their smile is always genuine. They are beautiful in the most basic sense.

c3images 2011

Sunday Smilemaker | the baby


My oldest friend, and the one I never in a million years thought I would be doing newborn pictures for, had a baby. Today, at 4 days old, I went for a visit to hang out and take some shots….

He’s adorable.

He’s tiny and squeaky and smells like heaven.

My uterus was screaming as we left the house.

Would I really do that all over again???