sharing and growing

As many of you know, we’ve recently moved into a new house.  This isn’t just any house…. this is the house that I never, ever, in my wildest dreams thought I’d be living in.  It’s beautiful.  It’s spacious. And it has 4 bedrooms.

That’s right. 4.

Because my boys have always shared a room (before moving in with hubby, my apartment was only a 2 bedroom), I assumed they’d be ok with it when we moved to the new house, thereby having a spare room and an ‘office’ for me. YAY.

I was wrong.

After spending 2 hours framing Comic Book character posters, hanging them, and covering the little boy blue walls with glow in the dark Toy Story 3 stickers (totally cool), Peanut confided in me that his step-brother, Speedy, was really really (emphasis on the really) lucky because he has his own room, but he has to share with Monster.  I explained that the other bedroom was “Gramma’s room” and that he and Monster shared because they had bunk beds and a great big room to sleep and play in!

He wasn’t buying my over the top with excitement pitch for the shared room.

And he’s really adorable when he pouts. And boyyy did the lip come out.

I can understand that I wouldn’t want to share a room with my younger sibling.

No big deal right?   Wrong.

Problem is, I’m experiencing some sort of separation anxiety over it… The fact that my first-born child, my little boy, my cuddly, I-love-you-to-the-moon-Mommy little boy now wants yet another level of autonomy and I have no choice but to give this to him. Like feeding himself and brushing his own teeth wasn’t enough???

It’s killing me.  Why?  Why am I upset that my child wants his own room? It’s certainly not that we need the space…. I don’t really need an office (as I write this from the comfort of my own bed)… and Gramma will probably spend the night 3 times a year.

Fact is, I found myself making excuses to Peanut as to why he should share… we had just decorated the room – the spare room didn’t have anything in it.

“The stickers can come off the wall mom… see?” <easy peezy Woody sticker removal and re-stick to the new bedroom wall>

grrrr  <first point to the 6 year old>

Plan #2:  guaranteed to work (or so I thought): I reminded him that poor little Monster would be scared if he had to sleep in the big bunk bed without him….  then the head tilt and eyebrows raised ‘motherly’ look. To which Monster emphatically shouts “I GET THE TOP BUNK??!! – YAY I GET THE TOP BUNK!!!” over and over.

“see mom? he doesn’t care”


I’m all out of ideas. Now what?  “Well, it’s a queen sized bed in there… you can’t buy cool blankets that big buddy”

<pause for thought… hehe  I’ve won>

“That’s ok. I just want a blue one.”

And that’s how the 6 year old wins.  He’s just so darn smart.

could you say no to this face? seriously?


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