Some blogging resolutions for 2012

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This should technically be easy… to actually do it with some amount of consistency.
This year has been difficult. I love blogging – putting my thoughts into words and seeing if anyone out there shares the same crazy idea or has any input or help for me.

This has been an absolutely amazing experience.

And I’ve “met” some fantastic and inspirational people along the way.

The beauty about blogging? The people that comment on your blog do so because they found it interesting.
Because something touched them about what you had to say.
Because they thought you were funny or witty.
Because they can relate to what you are talking about.

I started blogging on April 18, 2011. I went back through my old posts and had a look through what I have been writing about for the last 8 and a half months.

I’ve shared my love of the little things and the excitement about moving into a new house with my wonderful Hubby.
I opened up about my son’s disability and how overwhelming realization can be.
My hatred for the word Can’t has been revealed…
I’ve talked about how my life has changed since becoming a mother, and how my parents have changed my life… usually in the most hilarious of ways.
I’ve shared my fear of my children becoming independent and my hatred of bullies.
I’ve even shown you some of my pictures from my first “real” newborn photo shoot.

All in all, it’s been a pretty fantastic 2011.

Let’s hope 2012 is just as phenomenal 🙂

Wishing a Safe and Happy New Year to you all.

a bit of a ramble…

I’ve been writing since I was very very young. I have always loved the written word. I express myself much more clearly on paper (or on screen) than I do verbally.
This is not to say that I can’t talk a hen off the nest. Hubby will tell you that I am verbally exhausting… but I tend to get to the point more quickly, as well as more clearly, when I write it down.
As I told you in my last post, I have decided to make some changes for me.
The last month and a half have been horrible for me. I have felt horrible about myself, have been exhausted of arguing with my ex-husband and all the pettiness happening there… I have focussed so hard on making sure everyone else was satisfied and happy that I forgot to look in the mirror and see what a mess I was making of myself.

Suddenly, I found myself crying at the most ridiculous things. I was exasperated over menial issues with work, home, money, LIFE. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t multi-task. I was tired all the time .

I wasn’t me anymore.

Hubby staged an intervention.

“What is something you would like to do, if you had an extra hour or two at night?” was the question that he posed to me.
“You find me an extra hour and I’ll find something to fill it with” was the answer.
“What makes you happy?”
“Writing. Photography. The kids. You. (in no particular order of course) ”

End of conversation.

I work in a job that not everyone could do. I answer phone calls, investigate problems, try and assist people with finding solutions to their individual needs, all the while helping keep everyone happy.
Much like my other job… being a mother, step-mother, and wife.
This job, while it can be very fulfilling, is emotionally exhausting.

When was the last time you called a company to tell them they were doing a great job???


One day, somewhere between an angry customer and a complaint about wait times, my Blackberry started flashing.
I had a photo text.
Hubby was sending me pictures of the toy room in our house. Only it wasn’t the toy room anymore. Now it was the beginnings of the plan I’ve had since we moved there. There was a desk against the wall, the Bose for my classical music. The floor lamp with the pretty shade.

An office.

My office.

A space to write. A space to collect the thoughts that have been accumulating in my mind and put them down; release them from the prison that has been my brain.

So…here’s what’s going “down”.
I’m going back to school.

Sort of.

Part time.

I’m absolutely enamoured with the classes that I’m taking. Writing Grammatically, Writing Business Plans, Desktop Publishing for writers….

I have wanted to do this for a long long time.

Stay tuned. I’ve only just begun to make some pretty significant changes to get out of the dark place I’ve been stuck in.