technology and parents ~ a losing battle

I got a phone call I wasn’t ever expecting to get.

Lindsay : Hello?
Mother : Hey – I got a blackberry.
Lindsay : {silence}
Mother : Hello?
Lindsay : I’m waiting for the punchline?


My mother has a blackberry.

That’s right.

My mother ….. {dramatic pause} has a blackberry.

The fact that she has a cell phone at all is surprising. I think she often forgets that she owns one, based on the amount of times I call it and it’s off.

Apparently when Dad turned 65 and decided to get a cell phone, the nice people at the cell phone company gave him not only his phone…. but also a free blackberry, which he gifted to my mother.

They forgot to include the lessons.

She had a flip phone for ages.

I realize that the majority of people aged 25 and below would not remember this antiquated piece of technology. It had a hinge in the middle and only numbers – everyone depended on either T-9 or developed arthritis in their finger joints from hitting the numbers over and over to get to the letter they wanted….

and heaven forbid you go past the letter you were looking for – then you had to go all the way around again…. frustrating.

I taught my mother how to text on her flip phone. For weeks, I got texts that looked something like this:



I became skilled in the art of wordsearch.

You would think that a QWERTY board would be easier.

You would be wrong.

Today? After attempting to reach my parents (who, according to them, are always home) on their home phone {no answer}, I called my Mom’s cell phone, only to be greeted with that sugar-sweet voice: {the customer you are trying to reach is not available} Grrrrr…. Dad’s Cell {The customer you are trying to reach… you get the idea} Double Grrrr….

So I left a message. The message that every child has left their parents.

“Why do you have a cell phone if you aren’t going to have it on??”

But I digress.

A few hours later, I receive the following text message:

Call $me later0when you0are free OKV

Seriously. On a full keyboard.

So I asked the obvious question: What the hell is wrong with your typing?

To which I received the reply:

Turrets?maybe LOL

Well, at least she’s figured out lol… that means there’s hope yet.

p.s. I love my mother very much and am very proud of the fact that she can text me…. even though she very rarely remembers to take her phone with her anywhere, and even if she does, she very rarely checks it … love you mom

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12 thoughts on “technology and parents ~ a losing battle

  1. What a great sense of humor she has! Reminds me of!
    I had totally forgotten about having to hit the key until arriving at the right letter! What a pain.

  2. LOL! This is so funny. My step mom only has a cell ph for emergencies and recently while in hospital waiting area during my daddy’s surgeries I had to help her use it. Most times she was like would you call so and so for me. As for my MIL, she’s very adept at her cell ph and has even learned to text w/spaces BUT often she too will not answer aka doesn’t hear it ring and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve left a VM and days later get a return VM of the message I left meaning she never checked it. I have not idea why she can’t use VM as she can use all other aspects of her smart ph. *sigh* I do not in any way miss the need to hit one key multiple times to get the letter I want. Kinda miss my QWERTY board as opposed to my swype.

  3. That’s hilarious. MY parents have cell phones but no texting package. I wish they did. It would be so much easier to communicate with them. It’s not going to happen. Mom still calls me to trouble shoot things on the computer with her…like signing in to Facebook. Umm, username and password. Pretty simple, right?

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